June 2018 – Exclamation Points!

Summer Afternoon

Patty Ranson, Diane Schomberg, Deanna McDonald, Richard Ong, Barbara Brescian, Patti Parish-Kaminski and Katy Ong at Richard’s induction as the 16th President of the Sino-Indo Chinese Association. Congratulations Richard!

If Christmas is the most anticipated season of the year, summer is a close second around my house.  Things slow down a bit, schedules are less hectic and having the day last until nearly 9 pm is just the best ever!  The afternoons seem an entire day long!  In this issue, we bring you Summer Lovin’ with some amazing ideas on how to spend those summer afternoons from travel to water parks to summer camps – there’s something for the entire family to enjoy.

Speaking of family, our cover story features an amazing family going through the unthinkable with grace, dignity and genuine compassion and concern for others.  The Lalji family has been faced with a diagnosis of ALS for patriarch Dr. Ayeez Lalji.  Together they have created a foundation to assist other families going through this crisis with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for this dreaded disease.  We talked with all four members of the Lalji family, and their determination to make a difference is inspiring.  Read about their journey on page 12.

The high school seniors in our community have completed a milestone journey in their lives with graduation.  Who are the best and brightest students in Fort Bend?  Take a look at our vals and sals – along with the colleges they plan to attend – on page 48.  The future looks bright for these super stars!

This month, we celebrate dads as our super stars.  If you’re looking for that perfect gift or recipe to make for dad, we’ve got you covered.  Happy Father’s Day to all of our Fort Bend dads!

American author Henry James said, “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Here’s wishing you and your family many lazy, fun-filled summer afternoons.

Stay focused,