July / August 2020 – Exclamation Points!

The Summer of Change –

Why do I love Fort Bend?  Because Fort Bend loves back – something we all need right now.  Love you too, Fernando!

Why do I love Fort Bend? Because Fort Bend loves back – something we all need right now. Love you too, Fernando!

As we go to press with this summer issue, one thing remains consistent in Fort Bend: change. Our world – our community – continues to change as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the decades, scholars have often expounded the mantra that history repeats itself. While we can certainly recognize 2020 as perhaps the quintessential summer of change, another summertime season comes to mind: the summer of 1967. Commonly referred to as the Summer of Love, 1967 brought many changes to America, and many are eerily reminiscent of what is happening today.

While we as a society strive to learn from the past, lessons learned – and lived – are vital to assist us with preparing for the future, which undoubtedly includes change. Our community has shown many examples of preparedness, along with expedient change, to help meet our ever-growing and ever-changing needs. Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is one such example of the power of preparation during a time of extreme uncertainty. From physicians to nurses to administrators to housekeeping, Team Methodist put an aggressive plan in place in early March to care for our community. Their story of preparedness, resiliency and compassion centered around Houston Methodist’s core value of teamwork, and their team continues to serve Fort Bend by leading the way. Read about Houston Methodist Sugar Land’s mission and their journey to adapt to constant change and succeed by caring for our community on page 8.

August will certainly bring about another change for us as it’s typically the time that our children go back to school. What does that look like in 2020? The answer changes at times, daily. But by August with months of home schooling and limited vacation plans, many parents will be looking for resources. In this issue, we’ve shared some great back to school resources to help parents navigate the coming school year.

I often wonder how the history tomes will portray 2020. Will it be as the summer of change with 1967 as an analogy? Or perhaps it will be compared to 1929 – the onset of the Great Depression? However history defines this period, it is up to us to define this period in our lives. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” For now, I choose to fight the good fight – for the greater good – for our businesses, for our families, for our community. Stay well my friends, and above all else, stay focused on the good.