July 2018 – Exclamation Points!

The Land of the Free – The Home of the Brave 

The absolutely! focus media team at the launch
of Fort Bend CEO at the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce: Jessica Kij, Grace Belleza, Christopher Hill, Kay Garrett and Patti Parish-Kaminski.

As we celebrate our greatest gift this month as Americans, I am reminded of these poignant words from our National Athem.  The more that I think about what this amazing country means to us, and the opportunities it affords our fellow citizens, these words resonate in my mind with a particular meaning:  Perhaps because we are brave, we are free, and perhaps because we are free, we are brave.  I would like to thank all of our brave Americans who serve tirelessly every day to protect us in our armed forces.  July 4th is a milestone for freedom, and it is a celebration of you and your service.  We most sincerely and humbly thank you.

Service is certainly a theme in this month’s issue.  Our cover story is all about a philosophy of service.  Keller Williams Southwest devotes an annual service day each May called RED DAY where their associates serve the community where they live and work.  This year, some of our best citizens – our fur babies – were the recipients of the KW Southwest’s Team’s service.  Read all about their work and corporate philosophy on page 12.

An amazing project designed to serve the pediatric cancer community is another story we share this month.  Fort Bend businessman Christopher Hill met some amazing members of The Patient Advisory Council of Teens at The University of Texas MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Center, and together, they created a series of comic books designed to help teens navigate the stages of cancer treatment. Read the story of these phenomenal kids on page 58.

  Serving our community is something we strive to do at absolutely! focus media, and last month, we were delighted to launch a new magazine designed to do just that:  serve our business community.  Fort Bend CEO is our business-to-business magazine, which will debut in October.  Take a look at the plans for our new title on page 56, and let us know what you would like to see in a business magazine.

There are so many wonderful family-friendly ways to celebrate our nation’s independence in Fort Bend, and we’ve listed them on page 20.  I hope to see you at some of the festivities – Happy Birthday America!

Stay focused!