It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – for the Dentist?

My favorite dentist – – and it’s not only because he gives great prizes at his dental spa, but that helps.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

After 34 weeks of writing The Corona Chronicles, I know what you’re thinking:  I’ve finally lost it.  I’m talking about going to the dentist during the pandemic right before Christmas.  They say timing is everything, right?

I’m not a fan of going to the dentist even though two of my very best friends in the entire world are dentists.  One is a wonderful pediatric dentist – Dr. May Tape – so I get a pass there.  The other is an amazing dentist for full-grown people and therein lies the problem.  He will harass me as needed, and it’s needed.  You see, my dear compadre Dr. Sam Cress opened a new practice and invited me over to experience “simply the most beautiful smile.”  I was not on board until he used the word.  He said, “It’s a beautiful, spa-like experience for guests.”  Yes, the word “spa” got me.  And, he mentioned, there were prizes.

You would think I would ask about safety protocols and such during this critical time, but no, he said the magic words, so I was in.  Like most girls, I love a good gift with purchase, and well, any time at a spa is golden.  But as for the interesting timing of my visit, I have to come clean:  I may or may not have had a toothache.  Apparently, Tim Kaminski felt that this questionable issue was making me a bit . . . let’s say sharp.  Now I think sharp is a positive adjective; Mr. Kaminski does not.

The questionable ache turned out to not be tooth-related at all.  Can you guess what the culprit was?  It was the same conniving con of 2020:  COVID.  Seems that some of us who fell to the vicious virus have some unpleasant after effects in our mouths, and they’re painful.  Fortunately, my darling dentist was aware of this potential side effect to the oral health of us COVID long-haulers, so thankfully, I’m on the mend yet again.

So, I was prescribed a nasty oral rinse, but I did get prizes – lots of prizes – likely because Dr. Cress felt really guilty about the rank rinse.  Now, Ms. Julie says I need to come back every six months for my routine cleaning, but I’ll be back in three.  I’ve learned they rotate to new prizes seasonally, so I’m all in for the spring goodies.  Sam is like the Fab, Fit, Fun of dental spas.  So, prizes, sparkling teeth, finally free of the cursed Corona – yep, that’s a win/win in my book.