It’s Complicated

Spreading my wings with a lot less “no’s?” Might be worth the trouble.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Apparently, words can be difficult.  Personally, I’ve never found words – language, syntax, linguists – to be incredibly challenging, but then again, I’m a nerd.  I’m a voracious reader – always have been – and if I run across a particular appellation referring to someone or something that I’m not familiar with, I relish looking it up.  I find learning new words and their applications somewhat fascinating actually.  Remember?  Nerd?

Recently, however, I have found a word in the English language that I really do not appreciate.  Now I’m not talking about your run of the mill foul language – that’s a given – and I have always had a succinct policy on such as that.  When it came to bad words, I taught my babies growing up if it was in the Bible, they could say it.  That gave them free reign on ass, damnation, hell and such.  But if it wasn’t written in scripture, the word was off-limits.  And when it came to those other four-letter words, I had a clear lesson for that growing up.  In fact, it is Lesson Number 19 on “Momma’s 21 Life Lessons.”  Yes, there’s a list, and it was presented to both of my babies on their twenty-first birthdays.

Lesson Number 19 clearly states, “Foul language truly shows your ignorance.  If you cannot tell someone to go to hell in a succinct, cogent and effective manner without vulgarities, you need to work on your vocabulary.”  Nuff said about that.

The word that is leaving me so befuddled and unsettled may seem simple, but it is actually oh so complex.  Apparently, I’m also finding it rather difficult to use.  It’s the word “no.”  And that’s particularly perplexing to me as I can vividly recall using the word repeatedly and telling my babies on numerous occasions, “What part of no don’t you understand?”

Clearly, I don’t understand the true meaning of word at this point in my life, because it appears I can’t use it properly, and it’s getting me into trouble, lots of trouble.  Was it perhaps that I was not presented with many options or choices for a while; therefore, I forgot how to use it?  Has my enthusiasm for being back in the societal norm gotten the best of me?  Do I honestly believe I can function at 110% on four hours of sleep each day for weeks on end?  Is multi-tasking a real thing, because Kassidi swears it isn’t, and her degree is bigger than mine.  Or have I just lost my ever-lovin’ mind?

Could be a little of all of this, but I just hate saying that word to anyone right now.  And, you got it – I don’t know why.  And if someone says the nasty negative to me, well, that’s even worse.  Mr. Kaminski tried it just the other day.  It didn’t bode well for him.

Lisa Ann has a friend who doesn’t use the word.  Instead, she quips, “Negatory.”  And now, Lisa Ann has begun emulating the phrase.  I confess, it’s not my favorite, but perhaps since it’s four syllables in lieu of one, I’ll have better luck getting it out.  I’ll keep y’all posted.

See y’all next week – on the porch!


Patti Parish-Kaminski

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