Invest in Yourself: Renew Laser & Skin

COVER STORY  |  By Alisa Murray  |  Photos by Alisa Murray Photography –

Renew Laser & Skin Staff:
Victoria Stratton, Dr. Nina Desai, Kara Jalomo, Dr. Dhara Patel and Cindy Machado.

When you think of accentuating your features, preserving your youthful glow and investing back into yourself for a more confident approach to life – all the while keeping your health and natural look number one priority – who do you call? Renew Laser and Skin, of course!

Owned and operated by Dr. Nina Desai and her partner Dr. Dhara Patel, Renew Laser and Skin offers a highly medically trained experience where both physicians and their staff have skilled knowledge in the latest and most innovative procedures tailored for all men and woman. Located at 2641 Town Center Blvd. North in Sugar Land, Renew Laser and Skin offers a myriad of services, from injectables to the latest technology in laser treatments.

Experienced Medical Professionals

Since 2011, Renew Laser and Skin continuously finds the ideal balance of aesthetic enhancements and skincare for each of their patients without having anyone ever guess that they have seen a doctor.  “Our goal as professionally trained physicians is to customize an effective and fulfilling treatment plan for all of our patients,” said Dr. Patel.

Both Dr. Desai and Dr. Patel are board certified, and along with their staff, regularly receive extensive training in the most requested and inventive techniques and technologies. While last year’s trends were an increased overall awareness regarding many aesthetic treatments, including injectables, microneedling, Sculptra, Ultherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma, otherwise known as PRP, this year has brought an entirely new range of options for clients looking to self-improve. Options such as Secret RF Microneedling, the Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal, and of course, the Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation, have all stepped up to the plate to offer an even more advanced and result driven treatment in the areas of technologically advanced aesthetics.

The Latest Trends

How do these new technologies work, and most importantly, are they a right fit for you?

Secret RF

Secret Radio Frequency, or Secret RF, is an innovative new radio frequency device created to improve signs of aging by targeting fine lines, wrinkles and scarring. The Secret RF is also a great treatment to keep the collagen lifted and skin healthy. The procedure involves the use of microneedles to penetrate the affected areas of the face or body delivering radio frequency energy into varying levels of the skin. The deep energy allows for an optimal result and is absolutely safe on all skin types.  The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, with little to no downtime.

Most patients need three to four Secret RF treatments over the course of several months and typically see results within three months after the last treatment. Renew Laser and Skin patient Melissa Flores loves her results!  “I just love Nina,” shared Flores.  “I have been seeing her for over four years.  She makes me feel so comfortable, and I just love her beauty knowledge –  and the fact that she keeps her knowledge current.”

I personally have found Secret RF very effective at reducing the redness in my skin tone and contributing to the reduction of prolonged exposure to the sun. It is a great option with little to no downtime, which I really like.

Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal

The next trend is the Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal. Although aestheticians have been removing tattoos for years, it was not until this technology came along that made the job faster and less painful for the patient. Also used for benign pigmented lesions and melasma, the Enlighten procedure features an extremely short and high-powered picosecond laser pulse, which quickly and effectively breaks down the ink particles in tattoos. This “picosecond” is one-trillionth of a second and is thus 1,000 times shorter than previously existing tattoo removal lasers!

Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal treatments vary based on the composition, depth and color of the ink that was used, and size does matter. Multiple treatment options and plan of execution can be discussed at the initial consultation with the patient. After treatment, there is temporary and mild redness and swelling that tends to dissipate after a few days.

Renew Laser and Skin’s philosophy is for patients have as few treatments as possible with the best results, all while protecting the skin and avoiding scarring. Patient Alexis said, “After only one treatment, I had great results!”

So, if you find yourself regretfully wearing a tattoo you thought was sexy in your twenties, or just want something new, the Enlighten Laser at Renew Laser and Skin is for you!

  The Juliet

Another new trend in the world of aesthetics is the Juliet. The Juliet is by far the most innovative, in my opinion, of all of the latest offerings at Renew Skin and Laser. To say that I am biased would be correct, as I have had the procedure, and it has been a remarkable “game changer.”

Last year, I had Renew Laser & Skin perform the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) O-Shot as an option to fight back against menopause and all of the uncomfortable symptoms that come with it.  Aging is aggravating enough when you look in the mirror, but when your parts begin to stop working properly, it is time to find a solution for a permanent change. The Juliet is your vagina’s new best friend! As we all know, over time the vaginal tissues lose tone due to menopause and having children, thus causing leakage when you sneeze, cough or even laugh! Also, as we age, the vagina loses its natural lubrication, and this can lead to itching and painful intercourse. Juliet is a three-time treatment applied in four-week intervals that delivers a two laser pass internally to the entire inside of the vagina. The first pass stimulates the production of collagen, strengthening the tissue structure. The second pass revitalizes the tissues through heating, which then improves tone and flexibility. This is not painful and generally is maintained annually. The treatment can even enhance the appearance of the external area by improving pigmentation and elasticity of the skin.

The Renew Experience

The caring, professional staff at Renew Laser and Skin insists on providing the best client experience possible.  Clients receive the latest in aesthetically innovative technology administered by professionals who care about – and want to care for – their clients.  “Self-love is not selfish; it is a necessity,” said Dr. Desai.  “I love witnessing my patients feeling more confident, stronger and happier that they invested in something for themselves! It is so rewarding to be part of their lives, and I feel honored to be their doctor.”

Amongst the lasers and injectables, clients will also find the best skincare products and monthly specials that make keeping yourself beautiful both easy and affordable. If you are still searching for the perfect partner to help with your aesthetic needs, stop by and visit Dr. Desai and Dr. Patel at Renew Laser and Skin or call 832-491-2852 for a complimentary consultation.  I’ll see you there!