Invest in Your Health – Invest in Yourself at Velocity Cryo and IV Therapy

Set in luxurious and relaxed spa-like surroundings, Velocity Cryo and IV Therapy offers complete and integrative supportive health and wellness services that promote prevention, endurance, restoration and recovery.

Velocity’s specialized treatment plans are offered through one-on-one consultations with their team of healthcare professionals, including both nursing and aesthetics. Their trained staff confers with clients to determine the best therapy, and they provide personal guidance along the way to assure the best possible experience – all while accomplishing achievable wellness goals.

Velocity’s services include: Body Contouring, Cryotherapy, Custom Facials, Infrared Sauna, Inbody Scan. Nutrition and Hormone Testing, Compression Therapy and IV Therapy.  IV Therapies are conducted in their state-of-the-art infusion center nestled in a soothing environment that allows guests to fully relax and let go.

The therapies and services at Velocity are designed to accelerate muscle recovery, boost metabolism, decrease inflammation, flush out toxins, increase energy, enhance mood, increase mental clarity, decrease stress and anxiety and increase immunity – just to name a few of the benefits.

Visit Velocity and leave with a sense of better well-being and rejuvenation. Visit for more information, and relax, enjoy and revitalize yourself at Velocity.