Inaugural Sensory-Friendly Holiday Lights Night on December 5th

Santa and friends cheer on the Sugar Land Skeeters as the excitement builds for the Inaugural Sensory-Friendly Holiday Lights Night: Gael Marquez, Trevor Leviber, Santa, Isaiah, Alex, Leticia and Mila Cano, Miranda Amezaga, Juanito Marquez, Marisol and Gustavo Amezaga, Jared, Tonya and Jason Leviber, Tom, Emma and Esra Rajan, Juan and Barbara Marquez. Photo by Toni Malone.

To include everyone in the joys of the holidays, our Hometown Heroes, the Sugar Land Skeeters, in partnership with Hope For Three Autism Advocates, are hosting Sensory-Friendly Holiday Lights, December 5th from 6 pm – 9 pm.

The inaugural event has one purpose, which is to create an environment that maximizes inclusion for individuals with sensory overload. Sensory overload happens when something around us overstimulates one or more of our senses, such as lights, sight and sound. This is common among the special needs population, more so with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Organizers agree the sensory-friendly event will capture all the winter-wonderland feels of its annual holiday lights event with just a few tweaks here and there, such as lowering the lights and softening the sounds. Hot cocoa, free S’mores, and more are available. Santa and Swatson will welcome all individuals with different abilities, no matter the age.

Matt Thompson, Vice President of Events, stated, “Recognizing the need to accommodate all individuals, we want this initiative to be ongoing and build on the culture of the Skeeters foundation: family fun for everyone. We strive to make a difference in the lives of children and provide an enjoyable, safe, fun environment for vulnerable populations.”

The Sugar Land Skeeters organization is a long-time supporter of special needs communities offering jobs and inclusive opportunities since inception. Their effort to take away the sting of isolation and welcome families wholeheartedly continues to be a focus of the organization.

To purchase event tickets, adult $15, children and seniors $12, visit Or, visit Skeeters website and enter code “H43.” When the code is entered, Hope For Three receives a portion of tickets sales and a discount is provided to patrons. For autism resources or information on future Hope For Three events, visit or call 281-245-0640.

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