Improved Breast Awareness Through Wellness Education: The Lymphatic Drainage System

Joyce Long
Joyce Long Wellness Institute

The most underrated purifying system in the human body is the lymphatic system, an integral part of the immune system. It is a person’s “Life Flow System.” This system and all of its capillaries are a major part of the body’s cleansing of excess toxic waste. The body contains three quarts of blood and 12 quarts of lymph. The lymphatic system moves approximately 45 percent of the waste through the body as it helps drain debris from 17 glands and organs in the endocrine system. Movement pumps the lymph system.

Lymph flows through a network of vessels, nodes and other organs. This system drains fluid from the body’s tissues into the blood stream, transports fats from the gastrointestinal tract to the blood stream and fights infection. Inside the lymph nodes, white blood cells and antibodies filter out foreign substances such as bacteria.

The lymph system is completely independent from the blood system and its capillaries. Blood moves quickly through capillaries, but lymph moves slowly through the capillaries. It will move even slower if one has shallow breathing patterns and very little exercise in their daily life. Blood takes nutrients to the cells, and lymph picks up toxins and waste and takes them away from cells. The lymph system should be cleansing the body constantly to keep one disease-free and healthy.

The lymph moves only in one direction – from the feet up to the chest and down from the top of the head and face into the Thoracic Duct. The body is covered with lymphatic highways, especially in the breast area, and constant movement  keeps it flowing. Deep Breathing and Lymphatic Drainage Therapies, along with Colon Hydrotherapy, will facilitate cleansing. When keeping the body from autointoxication, your life force and daily existence should maintain a high quality of living through healthier foods, yoga, deep breathing, rebounding on a trampoline, power plating, stretching, jump roping, high frequency or manual lymphatic drainage.

The tissues of the body, including the organ systems, are made up of a million cells. If diseases block the flow, it cannot discharge its toxic material. Left unchecked, the lymph system continues to fill up and eventually the body swells with its own waste matter. It is very important to rid the overflow of toxins from the body for future health and longevity. When the cells become balanced, the body regains its defense mechanism. Only a detoxified body has the power and potential for healing.

This article is intended to for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as diagnostic or prescriptive. Joyce Long Wellness Institute does not prescribe or diagnose.