Ideal Carpet and Flooring, Inc.: The Dream Team of Flooring Professionals for Over 20 Years

COVER STORY  | Photos by Kelley Sweet Photography –

Ruben Perez, Vangie Ostera, Ricky Gomez, Vincent Ostera and Arnold Martinez.

Remember the days when someone asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Honestly, back then the founders of the family-owned Ideal Carpet and Flooring, Inc. (ICF) thought five years was unimaginable. Now, 20 years later, they are reflecting on their humble beginnings.

ICF began as many small businesses do with a husband and wife – Vincent and Vangie Ostera – striving to provide for their expanding family. Growing up in the building and construction business, flooring, remodeling and new countertops quickly became their expertise.  The Osteras knew then that they could not do this alone and focused on adding to their team installation professionals who shared their vision for ICF. “Our goal was to create a team of dedicated professionals who were trustworthy, took pride in their work and shared ICF’s dedication to excellence,” said owner Vangie Ostera.  And that commitment to the Ostera’s vision continues today as many of ICF’s installers have been with the company since the day their doors opened 20 years ago and are still valued members of the ICF team.

The Dream Team

Arnold Martinez with Vangie and Vincent Ostera.

As Ideal Carpet and Flooring, Inc. grew in their first few years of business, they quickly added a full-time Operations Officer to their team. Arnold Martinez has overseen the business for fifteen years and brings to the team a background in the industry, a strong attention to detail, exemplary project management skills and resolution, while maintaining a professional and personable manner throughout the process.

Later, ICF welcomed an experienced full-time design consultant, Ruben Perez, who has proven to be a customer service asset to their business, along with providing ICF a strong social media presence. Customers routinely comment on how much they appreciate Perez’s attentiveness and personal touch.

Many customers know Martinez and Perez personally and have their numbers saved as direct contacts. Shortly after these additions, ICF welcomed Ricky Gomez as their Compliance, Delivery and Warehouse Manager in a full-time position. Gomez is the backbone to keeping the entire operation organized, uninterrupted and efficient. He is a true master of all things, while always keeping safety in mind. Together, ICF’s team of dedicated, knowledge professionals never fail to meet the needs of customers.

Customers for Life

Ricky Gomez, Vincent and Vangie Ostera, Arnold Martinez and Ruben Perez.

Throughout the last twenty years, ICF’s customer base has continued to grow. In addition to that growth, many repeat customers have been happy to welcome the same crews into their homes for new projects or to customize a new home purchase. Now, years later, the children of ICF’s repeat customers are coming in for that same quality service – a true testament to the corporate philosophy of the ICF family who are the same team now 20 years later.  ICF’s commitment to their valued customers and community remains the same, shared Ostera. “We will continue to serve our community, give back through charitable initiatives and strive for excellence in everything we do.”

Building for the Future

Ideal Carpet and Flooring storefront in 2001.

When Ideal Carpet and Flooring, Inc. opened its doors in 2001, they never thought 20 years would come as fast as it did. While their business journey has been filled with highs and lows, particularly during the pandemic, the ICF team never stopped their mission to work hard for their community and for their team. But, it is their loyal customers who have not only helped them get through the challenges of 2020 but also to where they are today.

Ideal Carpet and Flooring storefront today – 2021.

“We will never be able to thank our clients, family and friends enough for believing in us, supporting us and trusting our team into their homes,” said Ostera.  “These past 20 years have been a pleasure, and we are privileged to serve our community with the ICF team.”

So today, if you ask any ICF team member, “Where do you see yourselves in five or 20 years?” the answer is clear, shared Ostera.  “We’ll tell you, ‘We’ll still be right here serving you!’”

Ideal Carpet and Flooring, Inc. is located at 1116 E Hwy 90 Alt in Richmond. For more information, visit or call 281.762.9999 for a complimentary in-home estimate.