Hope For Three Offers Parent Empowerment Sessions for Families and Caregivers of Children on the Autism Spectrum

Samantha Katchy,

Earlier this spring, Hope For Three launched a new, free program, Parent Empowerment. The program provides parents, caregivers and extended family members vital training, tools and resources to help children on the autism spectrum live their best life possible.

“The interactive program provides people with a starting point after the diagnosis of autism,” said program instructor Samantha Katchy, M.A., BCBA, LBA. “People leave saying they wish they had done this sooner.”

Hope For Three encourages caregivers to attend each of the four dynamic sessions provided to receive or continue receiving financial awards from Hope For Three Family Assistance and Resources Support programs. Each of the courses covers the varied path of managing life with an autistic family member. The first session introduces and acknowledges the main characteristics of autism and what children may be exhibiting in their behaviors.

“After the first session, we find many parents have a better understanding of their child, acceptance and realization of their life journey ahead,” said Katchy.

The second and third sessions are tools for successful caretaking. Effective communication, recognition cues, positive and negative reinforcement discussed with additional resources provided.

The final session focuses on self-assessment as a parent and setting goals of confidence and empowerment. Often this is the session where parents connect and learn from one another as well.

“I learned to lean on other parents because they can be a treasure chest of knowledge,” Sarah Hightower said when sharing her experience about the program. It is also encouraged that caregivers or close friends attend one or more sessions to understand better the dynamic personalities and effective treatments needed to provide a healthy, happy life for all.

The Parent Empowerment sessions are held virtually via Zoom for one hour each Wednesday and Saturday of the month. To learn more, register for the free sessions, or find information on autism resources, visit https://www.hopeforthree.org/parent-empowerment/.