Hometown Heroes: Xavier Herrera

Xavier Herrera.

By Joan Frances –

Some people may say that 50+ hours a week of work and volunteering for the community is extreme. But not for Xavier Herrera. His commitment is vene-rable, Herrera said, “Public service was instilled in me at an early age. I was raised that we all had an obligation not only to our family but our community. I have tried to live by that my entire life.”

Herrera is currently employed with the Harris County District Clerk’s Office where he oversees Public Affairs. He is married to the love of his life,  Princilla Lona Herrera, and they have three children: Brandon, 21, Devin, 20 and Adrian, 14. They moved to Stafford over nine years ago to be close to his mother.

Volunteering has been a big part of Herrera’s life. “I have a number of organizations I volunteer for but in particular Stafford Municipal School District Parent Teacher Organizations  and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston-Fort Bend. I also volunteer at the National Hispanic Professionals Organization-Fort Bend, Mexican American School Board Association as  State Treasurer, Catholic Charities and the Knights of Columbus. I am also on the Board of Directors for the Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce and also on the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity Action Team. Additionally, I serve as Board Vice-President for the Stafford Municipal School District and as Chairman of the City of Stafford’s Planning and Zoning Commission.”

Xavier Herrera and Cynthia Cisnero.

In late June, Herrera earned the distinction of Master Trustee from the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). This is the first time a trustee from Stafford MSD has earned this distinction in approximately 23 years.  He also spear headed the creation of the Stafford MSD Parent University, a community collaborative to help parents become full partners in their children’s education. He also fostered partnerships with the United Way, ABC-13 KTRK and the Ismaili Jamatkhana Center, along with other organizations. In each circumstance, the reasoning for his involvement is different, but they all have the commonality that Herrera believes he can instill a positive example for the organization and help impact his community in his own way. “In each instance, the organizations I am involved with have a positive impact in my community,” said Herrera. “I truly believe in helping our youth and community members reach their potential and gearing them towards their goals in life.”

The people Herrera works with are very dedicated. “I have been totally blessed. Within each of the groups I have been involved with, I have encountered a number of committed individuals working on the betterment of the community. Now that’s not to say they agree all the time, because that would not be true, but the civility is always there, and the obligation to the larger goal is also there.  I truly appreciate everyone for their service. During Hurricane Harvey, the Stafford Community was fortunate and blessed to be spared from elongated floods. We did have some homes that were flooded,  but we were fortunate. I was inspired and appreciative that our Superintendent, along with our Board President at the time, recognized the importance in helping our neighbors throughout Fort Bend County. They opened up our school district and served as an emergency shelter for those in need of housing and later as a Point of Distribution. The number of volunteers especially from those who were impacted who selflessly decided to help others was greatly inspiring.”

Thank you Xavier Herrera for your tireless commitment to improving the way of life for your fellow residents of Fort Bend County. You are an example of fortitude and generosity.