Hometown Heroes: Stephanie Zeibak

By Joan Frances –

Stephanie Zeibak.

The gift of volunteering does not have an age limit; committed souls can be 18 or 80. The reasons for volunteering are always a charitable one: to give back to the community. Stephanie Zeibak is a busy, single working woman who finds the time in her active schedule to inspire other people through her generous work with the less fortunate.

Zeibak works as a Research Technician in a lab associated with Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2017, and her goal is to one day be a Pediatric Oncologist. She lives with her loving parents and two beautiful older sisters.

Zeibak’s parents moved to Stafford in 1987 after they got married, and they have lived there ever since. Zeibak has volunteered with Healthcare for the Homeless for almost two years now. “We all know healthcare is expensive and a lot of people struggle to even have the most basic of needs met. With Healthcare for the Homeless, they have amazing family doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, pharmacists and volunteers working to help these individuals who’ve hit rough times and are trying to better themselves, payment free.”

Christina, Sana, Stephanie, Jihad and Samantha Zeibak.

Although volunteers cannot be truly active in the healthcare aspect of the patients since they are not trained or licensed, the doctors and nurses do everything they can to help the volunteers learn. With the patient’s consent, volunteers are allowed to be in the room and observe the doctor-patient interaction. For the first year and a half, Zeibak volunteered once a week for four hours each. However, once she started working full time, they allowed her to stay on and work once a month on weekends when the clinic is open on Saturdays.

As a volunteer, Zeibak either helps at the front desk, the pharmacy or with a doctor. “When you’re at the front desk, you’re typically helping with registering patients who come in for an appointment. In the pharmacy, volunteers assist the pharmacists in preparing prescriptions for the patients. While with the doctors, we typically shadow the doctors and use this time as a learning experience. I remember one time I was sitting in a room with a patient before the doctor came in to help fill out a questionnaire. She just looked at me and began thanking me for what I do and what the organization does for her and others like her. She fell on hard times, but she was so inspiring because she was still trying to get herself back up. Usually the first step is telling yourself that you need the help and then, finding the help. A lot of individuals have come up to me and said, ‘This is my first step to getting my life together,’ and it makes me happy when they say that because that means they know that there is help for them and that they can get better.”

In addition to her work with Healthcare for the Homeless, during the holidays Zeibak volunteers with her church, St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church. She helps with the Child Protective Service (CPS) party. The CPS party is for children in child protective service where they enjoy the holidays together, have fun, eat, receive gifts and listen to an individual who was in the exact same situation as them but found how to make it a positive learning experience.

Thank you Stephanie Zeibak for your inspirational commitment to helping your fellow man. Good luck as you continue your education to a successful future.

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