Hometown Heroes: Robert Pedraza

By Joan Frances –

Robert Pedraza

Volunteering has always been a family commitment for Robert Pedraza. Ever since he was a boy, he enjoyed watching his parents set an example and never gave it a second thought. He has always been a public servant and continues to give his time to benefit Fort Bend County.

For the past 27 years, Pedraza has worked with Grainger Industrial Supply in Stafford and currently is a Service Team Lead. He has been married for 20 years to Norma, and they have one daughter, Gabriella, who is 13-years-old. He has lived in Missouri City all of his life graduating from Dulles High School in 1986.

“I really have been volunteering all my life as far as I can remember,” said Pedraza. “I can recall my parents were really into volunteering when I was young. They would help in many different ways but mainly with our church, Holy Family Catholic Church. My first volunteering assignment was when my mother was the Continuing Christian Education coordinator, and she was in need of teachers. Somehow I got talked into teaching, and it all continued from there. To this day I have a friend who reminds me that she was a student in my class. I also volunteered with the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department.”

Robert Pedraza and Xavier Herrera.

Presently, Pedraza spends most of his free time volunteering with Stafford Municipal School District (MSD). “There is a saying that it takes a family and community to raise a child, not just a mother and father. Through my years of raising my daughter, we have met many people. Some we see every day but some we don’t. It is nice to know that they are there for us and that we are there for them also. It mainly started when my daughter was in the second grade. I began to volunteer in the morning drop-off lane for the students. I would open car doors for many of the kids and try to keep the traffic moving smoothly. I enjoy the atmosphere of the school, watching the students every morning, full of anticipation for the day. I guess with the society we live in today, I am more concerned for their safety. I feel as though if my presence, greeting the kids and parents every morning, can make everyone more comfortable, I am helping my community. I like to make sure people know who we are, committed to making sure our children are given every opportunity to live the best life we can give them.”

Taking his commitment a step farther, Pedraza became President of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for 2013 to 2015 and Vice President of the middle school PTO 2017-2018. His objectives are to have a voice in the decisions made at the school. He helped come up with new ideas on how to improve past PTO activities and thoughts on enhancing parent involvement in the school. The administrators are some of the best people he has ever known. “I thank all of these people and ask God to bless them every day. In all I am the lucky one to have these people in my life.”

Pedraza is now volunteering for the Future Farmers of America (FFA), and he is helping with the Longhorn Show Team at the school. Students can learn about ranch management, animal husbandry and the rich history of the Texas heritage to promote the preservation and legacy of the cattle native to the state of Texas.

Thank you Robert Pedraza on your continuing efforts to keep the schools in Fort Bend County safe. We are grateful for your leadership in the community.