Hometown Heroes: Mary Favre

Mary Favre

By Joan Frances –

There are residents in Fort Bend County who have magnetic qualities that draw people to them. They are modest, positive and generous with their time, committed and engaged in contributing to the community. Our Hometown Hero fit this description and much more: meet Mary Favre.

Favre moved from Houston to Sugar Land in 1994, the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she knew this area would help her heal.  She and her husband, Carl, raised one granddaughter as their own, Zoe. Favre has two stepsons, Chris and Nick, who are married with children. They started the C&M Favre Foundation over 10 years ago as a vehicle to give back to the community. Their passion for devoting their time to helping other people came from Matthew 25:40, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Mary Favre and Ray Aguilar.

Carl passed in 2015. Locally, he was the real estate “legal eagle” for Sugarland Properties, Inc, the developer of First Colony, for over 20 years. Favre explained, “In fact, we announced our engagement at the December 1993 association board meeting – he was serving on the board at the time. Now, 23 years later, I was asked by members to serve on the board. It has been a joy.”

Favre is a talented and insightful photographer. “Over the course of many years, I have taken pictures for various non-profit organizations and through this path, I have really grown to appreciate our neighborhood and getting to know so many personal stories. We live in an amazing community, and I am just a piece to the puzzle.”

For the past 10 years, because of Favre’s extensive volunteering in the community and highly respected photography skills, she has been acknowledged by many organizations. In 2004, she was honored to be Volunteer of the Year at Colony Meadows Elementary and in 2009, awarded the Media Person of the Year by Child Advocates of Fort Bend. She was also bestowed the Fort Bend Blue Ribbon Award from Child Advocates in 2012. Favre received the True Believer Award from Parks Youth Ranch in 2014, and last January, she received the Chairman’s Award from the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce.

“A Little Help From My Friends” makes it so much fun!,” said Mary Favre.
Mary Favre with Randy Kozlovsky, Liz Furman and Elsa Maxey.

Favre explained, “I take pictures for the Chamber, but I’m not a member, I am ‘Citizen’ Favre. The little story about that was everyone was giving out their titles, and I really don’t have a title, so I just said ‘Citizen’ at every Chamber event, my nametag has my name and ‘Citizen’ as my title. My involvement in our community has been recognized, but truly I am the one who is blessed.”

Currently, Favre serves on the board of two organizations: First Colony Community Services Association (FCCSA) and Parks Youth Ranch.  FCCSA is First Colony’s home owner’s association and Parks Youth Ranch is the emergency shelter for homeless teenagers in Fort Bend County.

Favre’s real passion has always been history, including genealogy. This last year in collaboration with the First Colony Community Services Association, Favre helped produce a video showcasing First Colony’s history. “Producing the video with the FCCSA was to help celebrate our rich history and educate citizens about the undertaking of developing a master-planned community with nearly 10,000 acres of commercial and residential properties. It was fun interviewing citizens and businesses and understanding why they chose to live in First Colony and remain engaged in our community.”

Thank you Mary Favre for your undeniable generosity and magnanimous fortitude. You are helping to make Fort Bend County a better place to live for everyone.

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