Hometown Heroes: Guadalupe Hernandez

Guadalupe Hernandez

By Joan Frances –

Not everyone is born to serve their country; it is a calling. There is a strength, unwavering and committed, to every military veteran maintaining the essential respect and compassion for their fellow man. Guadalupe Hernandez has lived a military life filled with tragedy and triumphs. She has given herself to her country and continues to serve Fort Bend County.

Hernandez has lived in Fort Bend County for 10 years. She has two children, Alexis and Luis. Her first love when she joined the Marine Corps was her boyfriend, Jairo Cruz, also a Marine Corps Veteran. They dated for two years and decided to end the relationship due to his deployment, but destiny brought them back together 16 years later.

Hernandez served as a Marine from 1998-2004. “I became a Marine Security Guard and was stationed in Lagos, Nigeria and Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  While in Lagos, the 9/11 attacks occurred, and I experienced many terrorist threats to the US Consulate. I am proud to be a Marine, but in time, I found myself struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Joining the military changed my life and showed me what was important. Although I love serving my country, I decided to leave, and was honorably discharged.”

After the Marines, Hernandez received her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in only 2.5 years. Then in 2015, she earned her master’s in Criminal Justice. She is currently a Probation Officer with the Harris County Misdemeanor Veteran Treatment Court.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Hernandez felt like something was missing. “I figured out that I missed the way it felt to help others. In time I realized I missed the camaraderie of being with other Veterans as we improved our community. I joined The Mission Continues, Team RWB, and the Travis Manion Foundation. Volunteering for these Veteran organizations opened up opportunities to help not only my community directly, but it also allowed me to volunteer and help other communities as well. Recently, I went on a trip to Guatemala to help those victims of the volcano eruption in June 2018. A group of my friends collected donations and distributed them to the victims. I chose a path of service to others and will always fight for my country, and although I do have my own challenges, I fight them knowing that I have many more people I want to help.”

When she is not working, you will find Hernandez running or volunteering. “I was able to inspire one of my Veterans, a Vietnam Vet, to experience trail running. This Veteran did one of the hardest races in Texas, The Habanero 10k, with a pacemaker! I stayed with him the entire race, and although he struggled, he did not give up until he received his medal, I was very proud of him. I used to run just because I enjoyed it, but now I run for a purpose. I run for those who can’t, our fallen heroes, and those who are no longer here due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  For the past three years I have ran the Marine Corps Marathon to raise funds for a charity and that is only one of the races I commit to. I carry the name of my fallen hero on my back and that hero motivates me to keep pushing and never quit.  I am a member of Team Taco, which is a team that runs to raise awareness for PTSD.”

Thank you Guadalupe Hernandez  for the strong warrior spirit you exemplify. You are an amazing individual who unselfishly donates your time to improve the lives of fellow veterans.