Hometown Heroes: Gina Huber

Gina Huber.

By Joan Frances  | Photos by Mary Favre-

It is a way of life for the generous souls of Fort Bend County who devote their time to volunteering. For our Hometown Hero, Gina Huber, the hours and years given to support those in need is part of who she is. With her work and commitment, Fort Bend continues to be the best place to live and grow in Texas.

Huber has lived in Fort Bend County almost all of her life and works for First Colony Community Services Association as a Project Coordinator. She and her sister Tina were raised by a hardworking, single mother. Huber recalled, “She’s the person who taught me most about giving.  She often said there were always people who had less than us, and I guess that lesson has stuck with me.”

In high school, Huber was involved in Key Club and really enjoyed it. She spent time doing many things, but the one that stuck out the most was the evenings playing bingo at the Veterans home in their town. She has an incredibly supportive boyfriend, Jason Bradley who volunteers along with her as much as he can.

Tracey Shaw, Metoyer Ellis and Gina Huber at the National Adoption Day.

Ten years ago, Huber saw a story about the Lone Star Exchange Club hosting an event called Walk with Pride. She was curious, sent an email to Tracey Shaw and never looked back. She met some of the most incredible people, most of whom she now considers to be family. Huber mentored with the Exchange Club of Rosenberg, which is comprised of clients from Texana Center. “Exchange has service projects that are performed,” said Huber. “It could be sorting donations, working on an awareness field, helping serve seniors at a baseball game, building a playground or helping rework landscape. Mentoring Rosenberg is one of my favorites. It allows me to show people that just because someone has a disability, doesn’t mean they have an inability.”

In addition to her work with Lone Star Exchange Club, Huber is also the Assistant Coordinator for Toys for Tots Fort Bend. For several hours a week, she unselfishly gives her free time to make people smile. “Toys for Tots is my second full-time job for three months during the holiday season. Our program starts October 1st, and we go well into the first of the year. So many things are going on during this time – boxes being dropped off at the drop sites, public and private events happening all over, picking up full boxes and getting everything sorted. After all that, we have distribution for the families. I love every minute of it. There are no words to describe the delighted faces of the children when they are given a gift. A few years ago, we had a lady come to our office looking for toys for her kids. She told me she was sent by her case worker. I explained that distribution had been held a few days prior. She sadly told me thank you and turned to leave. Something told me that she really needed help. I asked her for her children’s ages and gender and told her to wait outside, and I’d pull some things.  She smiled and said anything will help. We pulled some toys for her and took them outside. When we had finished loading, she hugged me tight, sobbing her thank you. All the late nights and weekends lost make it all worth it when you have just one of these experiences.”

Thank you Gina Huber for your generosity and commitment to the residents of Fort Bend County. Your devotion and time will never be forgotten.