Hometown Heroes: Amy Lary

Amy Lary.

By Joan Frances –

Fort Bend County is blessed to have so many citizens who volunteer their time to help other individuals. The reason for giving of their precious time can vary, but the core of their generosity is in their heart. Amy Lary is one of those people who takes her commitment one step further, and she is a valuable asset to our community.

Originally from Houston, Amy met her husband, Tim, at church in 1997 and married in 1999 in Round Top, Texas. They moved into a high rise in Houston and quickly grew tired of high rise living. Knowing the challenges that come with raising a family in a fast-paced environment, they looked to the suburbs for a slower pace of life, good schools, strong community and affordable housing. They decided to move to Sugar Land in early 2001 and haven’t looked back. They have a 16-year-old daughter, Emma Grace, and a 13-year-old son, Carson.

Abigail’s Place is a non-profit committed to supporting single mothers and their children in Fort Bend County by providing transitional housing and restoring hope during a time of family crisis. “The organization purchased two old homes in Richmond and refurbished them to be cozy, welcoming places of refuge for women and children as they get back on their feet,” shared Lary.

“When I heard about Abigail’s Place and the good work they were doing, I knew I had to get on board. I wanted to help provide stability for these families. I took my love of hospitality and invited over one hundred women to my home last November and asked them to join me in starting a Friends of Abigail’s Place organization,” said Lary. “Our mission is to spread the good news of what Abigail’s Place is doing and be an advocate for the families. We support Abigail’s Place in its fundraisers, work days and meeting the clients’ needs, and we also have fun events throughout the year for our members. We are currently planning a shopping trip to the Round Top Antiques Show in the spring. In the fall, we are sponsoring a visit to the Nutcracker Market.”

The board members of Abigail’s Place at their biggest fundraisier – Puttin’ on the Glitz gala: Dinah Givens, Amy Lary, Larry Cook, Shereen Sampson, Adrian and Lisa O’Toole and Donna Goforth.

Volunteerism is important to Lary, and she tries to model that for her children. They are involved in their church community.  Amy and her daughter volunteer in the church’s nursery, and they have hosted several get-togethers in their home for various groups. She also volunteers for her childrens’ schools, where she is in charge of the family mentor program and dinners.

Lary explained, “What prompted me to give back was the story of our daughter. She was born with a congenital heart defect that includes a faulty valve and artery and has had two open heart surgeries. We did not know how sick she was until she was born. She had a cardiac arrest at Texas Children’s Hospital when she was a month old. Our friends, family and church communities rallied around us and took care of our needs during that trying time. With each surgery comes new challenges, and people step up to meet our needs. My family and I experience first-hand the importance of serving others and putting others’ needs first. We are hoping each surgery gets easier and with medical technology and research, maybe she won’t need any more.”

Lary shared, “My family’s crisis may not look like Abigail’s Place’s clients’ crisis, but I do know the value of help during troubled and scary times. We are to be the hands and feet of God, and that it was I aim to do.”

Thank you Amy Lary for your generous spirit and loving heart. The Fort Bend community is fortunate to have you as a volunteer.