Holiday Sparkle the Look is Loggins

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A gift for all seasons and occasions, gleaming tri-color gold earrings, stackable bracelets, rings and necklaces are a perfect fashion accessory. Earrings are always the perfect gift for that special someone. From casual to elegant, Loggins has an extensive selection sure to please.

The Loggins’ Difference

A full-service custom jeweler, Loggins Jewelers is a place for clients who want to find jewelry they love with a unique customer service experience.  For over 30 years, the Sugar Land jewelry store has strived to satisfy every customer sending them home 100 percent pleased, only to have them return repeatedly to experience the Loggins’ Difference.

“Our experienced sales associates are dedicated to our customers, and we treat each customer as a personal friend,” said Susan Pappas, who, along with her sister Jennifer Pappas, own Loggins Jewelers.  “Loggins is grateful to our community for 30 years of wonderful support, and we value our customers by being there for them, not only from the time they purchase an item, but throughout the year.”

Jude Frances appeals to women wishing to build and adopt their fashion jewelry collection to accessorize for every occasion. From 18k gold to diamonds to sterling silver with white topaz, and a rainbow of gems in between, stackable bracelets are a fashion charmer.

Loggins is more than simply a jewelry store to their customers; they are a valued resource assisting clients throughout the year.  With complimentary gift wrapping for every purchase and free annual inspections and cleanings, clients are welcome to keep a “wish list” on file for those upcoming special events in their lives.  And, if a special someone needs a gentle reminder that a milestone event is coming up with a recommendation sure to please, Loggins is there to assist.

The Loggins Jewelers’ experience rarely ends with a single visit.  When asking clients why they return, the answer always reflects “outstanding customer service.”  Most clients are return customers who wish to continue building their collections with a name they can trust and service they can count on.  As Pappas puts it, “Building up a fine jewelry wardrobe is like building trust – it’s a relationship process.  It takes time and patience, but in the end, you have something you love and can be proud to wear.”

Endless Possibilities

“We can find anything, design anything, engrave most anything and fix anything,” said Pappas of the Loggins’ motto.

A full-service jewelry store, Loggins carries unique collection pieces along with custom-designed creations and offers trade-up, consignment services, engraving and repairs.  Pappas travels to markets annually searching for the newest hot designers, and she specializes in finding unique items for clients.  “Loggins Jewelers is the place that can help each customer find their personal collection, and we can help protect your treasures  with our in-house services to ensure they last.”

Because it is independently owned, Loggins Jewelers has the ability to uniquely tailor a piece to the customer’s desires.  Limitations on custom work are found only in the customer’s imagination.  They need only to share their vision with the store’s craftsman, who will sketch and design every line and curve of that vision to bring it to life

“As a family-owned business, Loggins understands helping your family find that meaningful work of jewelry for every occasion,” said Pappas.  “Our on-site master jeweler enjoys the talent and autonomy to work closely with clients to make their dreams a reality.”

Newest, Hottest Designers

Loggins Jewelers has established itself as the premier place in Fort Bend to find the finest and most fashionable jewelry through its choices of designers – the best, brightest, most revered artists whose pieces are in line with what Loggins’ customers have come to expect and love.  A visit to the fine jewelry gallery will expose customers to some of the most innovative and trendy jewelry creations on the market.

Jude Frances

Jude Frances has multiple lines crafted with 18K gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones from stackable bracelets, rings, necklaces and earring frames with changeable charms. The Soho Silver and Encore collections feature sterling silver, pave’ white topaz and semi-precious stones.  The Jude Frances earring frames and charm silhouettes create endless ways to wear and customize the designer’s popular earrings and necklaces.  Combining the Jude Frances 18K gold and diamond hoop earrings with any number of charms, chains and earring frames create limitless style possibilities.

Charles Krypell

Charles Krypell, a brand synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and quality, is recognized for award-winning styles and trendsetting designs.  His designs cater to a broad clientele who want all of the beauty of semi-precious colored gems at an affordable price.  Krypell’s line is  wide and diverse with something for  every age, including his affordable sterling silver line, “I Love You 365 Days.”


Four generations of the French Der Calousdian family are behind this  modern chic line graced with a just a touch of old-world charm.  World-renowned for their elegant designs of silver and gold sprinkled with diamonds and semi-precious stones, Vahan rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are both classic and timeless, and as versatile and feminine as the women who collects them.

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

This holiday season, look no further than Loggins Jewelers. With its reputation of exemplary customer service, easy access, and relaxing and attentive atmosphere, Loggins Jewelers offers customers peace of mind when looking for that perfect piece – all close to home.

Visit Loggins Jewelers at 14015 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land, Tuesday through Sunday, or call 281-242-2900.

The Four R's of Loggins Jewelers

Restyle, Restore, Resale and Replace

You’ve had a gorgeous diamond necklace for twenty years, and you love it.  Well, you did love it, and it has sentimental value.  You want to keep it, but you’re really not in love with it any more.  It just doesn’t work with your style that has evolved over the past twenty years.  So, what do you do?


“We restyle many pieces for clients updating them and making them fit more appropriately in their jewelry wardrobe,” said Susan Pappas, co-owner of Loggins Jewelers.  “We can take your heirloom piece or something that has just become outdated and create a unique piece of jewelry custom-made to fit your style and needs.”


Make your favorite jewelry or heirloom pieces look new again.  Loggins Jewelers’ on-site master jeweler can polish, clean, rhodium plate and repair fine jewelry and watches.   


Sometimes you simply want to resell fine jewelry and start over, and Loggins has a plan in place to help.  “We appraise your jewelry with our certified gemologist, and assist you with our resale consignment area,” shared Pappas.  Many clients take advantage of this specialized service offered exclusively by Loggins.


And sometimes when it’s out with the old, it’s in with the new. Loggins can assist with replacement items for your jewelry wardrobe.  Whether it’s a particular item that a client has in mind or a piece from Loggins’ multiple fine jewelry collections, Loggins can assist with replacement pieces by custom design or from their expansive inventory.

To learn more about the four R’s of Loggins’ service, call 281-242-2900 or visit their fine jewelry gallery located at 14015 Southwest Freeway at Sugar Creek in Sugar Land.