Goodwill Houston Expands Fort Bend Presence by Opening Store in Telfair Sugar Land

Goodwill Telfair cashier Trina Tribble.

Goodwill Telfair cashier Trina Tribble.

The first-ever Sugar Land Goodwill store opened recently at 6526 Highway 90A in Telfair, and the neighborhood business will reflect its surrounding community and fuel Goodwill’s mission to “Change Lives Through the Power of Work.”

“We hope this store will become an integral part of the Telfair community as people look to donate used items that are no longer needed,” said Charles Canton, Goodwill Houston Vice President of Operations. “Often, extended family members live far away, making it difficult to pass down gently used clothes, furniture, housewares, home decor and other useful items. Goodwill is a wonderful alternative – and the items benefit people across the community who shop in the store.”

Goodwill Houston is a non-profit organization focused on helping people of all ages from all backgrounds find careers that help them build better lives. Neighborhood stores fuel this mission in two ways: by employing roughly 25 people from the local community to work there and by generating revenue to support the numerous Goodwill Job Connection Centers located across greater Houston.

“We talk about the cycle that makes such an impact: donate plus shop equals jobs,” Canton said. “When people donate their clothes and shoes, games and books or unneeded furniture, tools, housewares or décor, they are actually changing lives.”

Because Telfair residents cannot host garage sales at their homes, the Goodwill store provides a convenient place to bring unneeded items. “People free up space in their homes or garages, they fuel the Goodwill mission to help people find jobs and they get a tax write-off, too,” said Steve Lufburrow, Goodwill Houston president and chief executive officer. “That’s a triple bonus.”

This new Sugar Land location marks the ninth store opened in Fort Bend County and the 64th opened in the Greater Houston region. The Telfair Goodwill location will be distinctive and unique, because each store reflects the community in which it is located.

“The items sold in our stores come from the neighbors living in that community, and this brings wonderful diversity to our stores,” Lufburrow said. “The Telfair region has a large population of individuals of South Asian descent, and we look forward to receiving distinctive clothing and décor that reflect their culture and tastes.”

Asif Malik, a local Realtor and Zonal Counselor at Sabireen Mosque in Sugar Land, said he values Goodwill stores because they give him a place to donate nice items that are not needed by his family. “I feel good about giving clothing, furniture and tools to Goodwill, because I know my gifts will benefit those who later purchase them and will provide funds to help young people, seniors, veterans and others find jobs.”

The Telfair Goodwill store can be reached at 281-586-7057.