Globetrotting: Homecoming

By Alisa

Honeymooning has traditionally been a time for newly wedded couples to take time to “get to know each other” by leaving and going away to some secluded place. With this June wedding edition, we share some trending honeymoon ideas that are not so traditional at all.

For couples who want to save money or have kids, and the timing is all “off” for a romantic getaway, there is the Mini Moon, which lasts two days at a local hotel. Or, a Tiny Moon, lasting over the weekend of the ceremony at home with no phones and prepared meals by a private chef.

For couples who love activities, there’s the Adventure Moon. Yes, it’s actually got a name, and it’s a popular trend with young newlyweds. This is where your entire honeymoon is based on discovering a place; it’s people and total submersion into their culture. The Adventure Moon couple might spend their days white water rafting, zip-lining, camping and hiking. Although this can be done anywhere, couples are really interested in Costa Rica, Kenya and The Grand Canyon.

The Mega Moon is not for the faint of heart. This honeymoon lasts a month or even two! This is when a couple explores an entire continent, such as Europe, or jet sets through Southeast Asia through to New Zealand and Tasmania. Multiples is their game with many countries and destinations as varied as the world itself!

The Buddy Moon is when a couple brings their friends to keep the party rolling. The duo might get married in Houston, and then take a week-long stay island hopping with a few other couples from the wedding party.

The Giving Moon is for couples who want to make an impact with a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. They want to use their time off and away wisely by giving back. In these instances, couples spend their honeymoon in third world countries staying at socially conscious properties that give a portion of their profits back to their communities.

The Driving Moon is what my parents did back in the day when air travel was saved for a big trip. This is touring at its finest with perhaps a car rental of something you’d never actually own, such as a convertible. Stopping in to peruse tiny towns, antiquing and staying at locally owned boutique hotels is the focus for the Driving Moon. There are many luxury inns located off of the California coast and the American West. And of course, you can travel across the pond and drive around the Scottish Highlands or New Zealand’s South Island.

The Cruising Moon is not exactly what you’re thinking; no, it’s exceptionally better. This honeymoon is often booked on a private yacht complete with staff and chef, and the couple sails around secluded in either ocean or river accommodations. They get to both see and explore a multitude of destinations while unpacking once and settling in each night in their love nest.

The Foodie Moon is just perfect for those who love food. They find that a 12 course tasting menu or a farm to table culinary experience is just their thing. Honeymooning with wine sommeliers and touring vineyards are in many cases a necessity and a much sought-after aspect of their journey. Tuscany, Italy and Spain and of course, the ultimate city of love, Paris, are their itinerary!

As society continues to evolve, so do our ideas of what a honeymoon looks like. The latest in what marrying couples are choosing to do with their honeymooning time together reflects a diverse interest in what matters to them. So, no matter what your interests, there’s a honeymoon just for you!