Fort Bend’s Finest – Michael Petri

Name: Michael Petri
Profession/Title: Police Officer for the Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD)
Years of Service: 16 Years Fort Bend ISD Police Department; 12 Years Assigned to Clements High School
Family: Wife Nelda, four children and four grandchildren ages 12, six, five and four and a cat named Beau.

Photos by Mary Favre.

Why public service? Working with the Fort Bend ISD Police Department has by far been the most rewarding decision of my career. I have been given the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people in this community.

The greatest thing about your job? No matter where my wife and I go, we run into people, especially students or former students, who I have been blessed to know through contacts made in my job here. I especially enjoy meeting former students and hearing their stories of achievement after leaving Clements High School and hearing the positive influence I had on them.

What are your day to day duties? Monitoring and directing traffic at the school, along with enforcing the laws of the State of Texas in the educational environment.  I am responsible for working with school administrators and faculty on developing comprehensive safety plans to ensure our schools are safe places for students to learn. One of my most pleasurable duties is working the many athletic and fine arts events at the campus. I enjoy watching and supporting the many students involved. I am always amazed at the many talents of the students at Clements High School.

Volunteer work: One of the events I volunteer for annually is the Brent Event held at Memorial Park in the fall. Knowing and working with the Weaver family, great members of this community, inspires me. It is a fundraiser that supports families who are currently or have battled cancer and celebrates the lives of cancer patients we love.

Inspiration: Coach John Furlow, Mr. Clements, who we recently lost. During his celebration of life service at Clements High School, while listening to the many stories of former students, family and friends, I truly felt honored to have been able to call him a friend. Also, my father who is still with us at 83 years of age and going strong. I credit him with teaching me the power of honesty, integrity and hard work.

Hobbies: I love fishing and boating with the family on Lake Palestine. Retiring to the lake has been a dream of mine. The only thing missing now is a dog to aggravate my wife’s cat!

Guilty pleasure? Snack foods! Chocolate, chips and Dr. Pepper.

One thing you want to share with the community:  Slow down, enjoy life! It seems like everyone wants to be first in line, have the most, one up the next person. Slow down, enjoy family, friends and the blessings you have received. Be there for your kids and appreciate those sharing their lives and teaching your kids.  My parents never missed the games and activities I was involved in growing up, and I have always appreciated it.