Fort Bend’s Finest – Maurice Williams

Name: Maurice Williams
Title: Firefighter / Paramedic
Years of Service: Seven, two with Fort Bend County
EMS and five with Sugar Land Fire / EMS.
Family:  Wife Stephanie and two daughters Da’Mya, age 6 and Tamryn, age 1.

By Joan Frances

Maurice Williams

Why public service? I became a public servant because I was looking for a steady career and one that would allow me to serve the community while making a difference.

Greatest thing about your job: The people I meet from day to day. Every day is different.

What does a Firefighter/Paramedic do? As a firefighter, we protect life and property. This can be anywhere from fighting fires to rescues from motor vehicle accidents and assisting with medical calls. As a paramedic, we respond to medical emergencies acute or chronic. While acting as an extension of a doctor, we are allowed to administer life-saving medications or skills whatever the need may be.

Which job do you like the best? While I love fighting fire and the adrenaline rush, working as a paramedic is what I like best – the problem solving, critical thinking and technology. The human body is fascinating.

Inspiration: My kids are my inspiration. I want them
to see how staying focused and determined can pay off in the end. I never really had a single role model. The people who overcame adversity to achieve their dreams and goals were and are still my role models, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. James Duke and Bill Gates.

Hobbies: Weight lifting and reading. If I am not working, I am spending time with my family or studying the new research in firefighting and emergency medical services.

Guilty pleasure? Food! More specific are sweets.
I have a sweet tooth.

One thing you want to share with the community:

No matter day or night, do not hesitate to call. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “At the heart of all that civilization has meant and developed is ‘community’ – the mutually cooperative and voluntary venture of man to assume a semblance of responsibility for his brother.”