Fort Bend’s Finest – Dalia Simons

Name: Dalia Simons
Title: Detective Sergeant over Homicide Robbery Investigators at the
Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office
Years of Service: Over 19 years
Family: Husband Brian, daughter Angie, age 17, and two dogs.

Photo by Mary Favre.

Why public service? I always wanted to become involved in law enforcement since I was a child in elementary school.  My parents taught me to respect those in uniform, and I felt that I wanted to be one of those people in uniform. I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of great men and women who have mentored/trained me in how to become one of the best at what I do.

The greatest thing about your job?  Being able to bring closure to families who have been victims.

What does a Detective Sergeant do? In Homicide/Robbery, we are tasked with investigating homicides, questionable deaths, non-family assaultive offenses, weapons offenses, threats and missing persons. This includes all age victims from infants to elderly. I supervise eight detectives and all the investigations they are assigned.

Inspiration: I am inspired by the challenge and solving meaningful problems. I am inspired by the phrase, “It’s not luck; its hard work!” My role model was my supervisor before I became a supervisor and also the detectives I supervise, eight detectives, all men, whom I have worked with throughout my career. Without the loyalty, knowledge and hard work from these men, this job would not seem so simple if you can call it that.

Hobbies: I love reading mysteries and going to the movies.

Guilty pleasures?  Shopping and thrifting with friends.

One thing you want to share with the community: I chose to live in Fort Bend County because I knew and know this is one of the safest places to live with my family. The people of this community always come together and help each other, just as any family member.