Fort Bend’s Finest – Aerial Ronell

Name: Aerial Ronell
Title: Night Shift Patrol Corporal
Years of Service:  4 years total, past 2 years with the Meadows Place Police Department
Family: Fiancé Doug, 3 cats and a miniature Australian Shepherd with a lot of sass

By Joan Frances | Photo by Mary Favre

• Why public service? I’ve always wanted to be in law enforcement. I was fortunate enough to create opportunities when I was young and have influential police officers to look up to.

• The greatest thing about your job?  Helping others. I recently had a female approach me at a gas station where a few months prior she had been assaulted at that same location. I was able to talk to her, not only as an officer, which allows me the capacity to help her legally, but as a human. She gave me a huge hug, looked so happy, healthy and told me she left the bad situation. Moments like this, where I feel like I make a difference in people’s lives, are the greatest.

• What does a Corporal in the Police Department do? I am responsible not only for my actions, but those officers on my shift, and their decisions, which can come with difficult conversations. Supervision requires experience, knowledge, never being comfortable, constant improvement, and positivity to motivate others to make a difference.

• Inspiration: God, my extremely supportive parents, my unconditionally loving fiancé and my best friends Karla and Danielle, who are also police officers. Aaron Slater and the Relentless Defender crew for their commitment to helping others.

• Hobbies:  I love being active. I’ve recently began attempting ninja warrior courses. I love traveling and spending time with my friends and family. Working out and going to church are my ways of relieving stress from the job.

• Guilty pleasure? The Bachelor, Bahama Bucks and phenomenal food.

• One thing you want to share with the community: Police are here to help, protect and serve! This is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs in the world, and we need the community in order to succeed. I’ve always been a proponent of posing a solution to a problem and helping to make a difference in the department, community and world. I recommend involving yourself with a Citizen’s Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch or completing a ride-a-long.