Fort Bend Christian Academy Produces Shadow Play for Deaf Community

Tuc (Jessica Crocker) and Maizie (Sarah Stubbs).

Sugar Land’s Fort Bend Christian Academy (FBCA) is excited about bringing the community a play like no other, The Taste of Sunrise, by Suzan Zeder.

It is a tale of two worlds, Deafness and Hearing. This play will be bringing two departments together. The FBCA American Sign Language department, led by Tony Slate and Elyse DeBuck, and the Theatre department, led by Lana Thompson, are working together to create a performance of significant impact. The play centers around the life of a young deaf boy named Tuc who struggles to find his voice. His journey leads him to discover sign language, which opens his eyes to his true identity and opens the audience’s eyes to the history of Deaf culture and the beauty of American Sign Language.

This is the second time in FBCA history that the school has put on a shadow performance both for the school and Deaf community. Performances are on Saturday, November 14th at 1, 3, and 5 pm in the Fort Bend Christian Academy North Campus Gym, located at 1250 Seventh St., in Sugar Land.  For tickets, visit

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