Fort Bend Christian Academy Inspiring Students to Excellence for the Glory of God


Imagine a child who fully embraces their purpose in God’s Kingdom. Who trusts God and embraces the journey of Christian Discipleship. Who, from a young age, pursues knowledge, truth and wisdom. Who shapes their community and the world around them through dynamic critical thinking, creative solutions and effective communication.

Fort Bend Christian Academy exists to glorify God through excellence in college-preparatory Christian education. It is the mission of Fort Bend Christian Academy to equip students to thrive spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

FBCA is committed to a superior academic experience integrated with a consistent, Christian approach to learning. All subjects are presented from a biblical perspective, and students learn to serve God in all areas of life and in whatever vocation they are ultimately led. With this Christian approach to education, FBCA seeks to mold the character of each child and provide them with a solid foundation for life. The school community grows, develops, and graduates students who are leaders, courageous in faith, and ready to succeed where God has directed them. Imagine a partnership with families that equips students with the skills to embrace biblical truth, academic excellence and to model Christ-like leadership that changes the world.

Together we grow. Together we win. Together we pray. Together we discover. Together we soar.