Fort Bend Christian Academy American Sign Language Program Pilots New Technology

Fort Bend Christian Academy Sophomore Austin Hupp tries out the school’s new American Sign Language Program technology.

Fort Bend Christian Academy (FBCA) American Sign Language (ASL) Program installed a SignAll Lab, an augmented AI-driven learning system. With this new technology, students can practice, learn and get immediate feedback on their American Sign Language skills in real time.

FBCA upper school is the only high school in Texas piloting this program. The only college in Texas that has this technology is Sam Houston State University. The system is trackable, flexible, interactive and offers students the ability to have private lessons. It benefits teachers by allowing ASL students to practice on their own and get real-time feedback. “It is an incredible technology, and so cool to use,” said student Clover Williams.

ASL teachers Tony Slate and Elyse DeBuck are thrilled to have the opportunity to use this in the classroom. “I’m so grateful for the support from our school community, especially our Head of School, Curriculum Specialist and Head of Upper School,” Slate said. “Thanks to all the support, Fort Bend Christian Academy has a solid ASL program.”

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