Fort Bend Chargers Win State Title

The Fort Bend Chargers: Clay McComas, Ethan Wright, Corbin Evers, Nate Sprinkle, LJ Evers, Jonathan Kirby, Alaster McComas, Dylan Perdergast, Kade Guerra, Joshua Kleinhenze, Noah Sprinkle, Noah Tingle, Ethan Sicking, Wes Snyder, Cade Cooke, Ezra Tarver, Ross Perdergast and Larry Pavlik.

What do Fort Bend-area parents who homeschool their teenagers do with them if they really want to play full-contact, tackle football at the junior high or high school level? They join the Sugar Land-based Fort Bend Charger 6-man football team! Fort Bend competes in the Texas Association of Independent Athletic Organizations, which facilitates competition between private, charter and homeschool organizations state-wide.

On December 1st, the Charger 6-man high school football team completed their year-long quest for a state title as they overcame the highly favored Stephenville Faith Knights in the championship game of the TAIAO Division 2 state playoffs in College Station. Stephenville had won the state championship for the past seven years, including two past wins against the Fort Bend Chargers.

The Chargers pulled ahead at the beginning of the 4th quarter by a score of 66-36 and were able to hold on to the lead as Stephenville made a push and pulled to within 10 before the Chargers scored again late to put the game away, 74-56. The Chargers capped a strong 11-1 season with the final win, as the Charger teammates celebrated at mid-field with hugs, tears, high-fives and a traditional ice bath for head coach Larry Pavlik.

The Fort Bend Charger homeschool football organization has been in existence since 2011 when the dream of a handful of moms and dads became reality. In the team’s seven seasons, there have been three previous trips to the state championship game but no state title until this year. The finish this year was largely due to a tight bond of friendships and commitment to one another and to the goal they had set for winning the state championship game. Charger coaches have years of coaching experience and bring to the field their heart for preparing young men for life beyond sports. The Charger team exists to provide an opportunity for young men in the homeschool community to play tackle football, and they are also a Christian organization whose members seek to honor and glorify Jesus Christ. Visit for more information.