Fort Bend Business Coalition

Fort Bend Business Coalition Endorses School Board Trustee
Candidates in May 6th General Election:
Fort Bend, Lamar Consolidated, Katy and Needville ISD’s

The Fort Bend Business Coalition (FBBC), an organization dedicated to promoting a pro-business environment throughout Fort Bend County, has endorsed candidates in the upcoming May 6th School Board elections in the following districts: Fort Bend ISD, Lamar Consolidated ISD, Katy ISD and Needville ISD.

Jacci Hotzel, Candidate for Lamar Consolidated ISD School Board Trustee, District 4.

The FBBC is a general purpose Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to supporting candidates regardless of their political affiliation who share and support the organization’s core values of creating a pro-business environment that assists in creating a prosperous and productive community for the citizens of Fort Bend County. To achieve a pro-business climate, the FBBC believes that business success is fostered through limited government, reasonable regulations, fair taxation, the rule of law and private property rights.

“A viable and progressive education system is vital to sustaining a prosperous community,” said Bill Jameson, Chair of the FBBC School Board Endorsement Committee. “Education is key for fostering success, and the FBBC is committed to doing our part to ensure that we have the right elected officials in office to keep Fort Bend one of the best communities to live, work and raise our children. We strongly believe that these candidates share our commitment and are proud to endorse them.”

The endorsed candidates were individually ranked by the FBBC based on questionnaire responses, forum performance and independent research. The Fort Bend Business Coalition is proud to endorse the following candidates for School Board Trustees in the May 6th General Election.

Fort Bend ISD School Board

Trustee Endorsements:

Place 1 – Angie Hanan

Place 4 – Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam

Place 5 – Allison Drew

Cicely Taylor, Candidate for Katy ISD School Board Trustee, Position 4.

Lamar Consolidated ISD

School Board

Trustee Endorsements:

District 4 – Jacci Hotzel

District 7 – Alex Hunt

Katy ISD School Board

Trustee Endorsements:

Position 3 – Amy Thieme

Position 4 – Cicely Taylor

Needville ISD School Board

Trustee Endorsements:

Position 6 – Kim Janke

Election Day is May 6th and early voting is April 24th through May 2nd. For more information about the Fort Bend Business Coalition, visit