Fort Bend Business Coalition Welcomes Jeffery T. Alford, MD to Steering Committee

Jeffery T. Alford, MD

The Fort Bend Business Coalition (FBBC), an organization dedicated to promoting a pro-business environment throughout Fort Bend County, is pleased to welcome Jeffery T. Alford, MD as a member of the organization’s Steering Committee.

A board-certified physician in Sugar Land with Sweetwater Medical Associates, Dr. Alford brings over 28 years of experience as a board-certified family physician, businessman and community leader to the FBBC’s Steering Committee, which provides oversight and leadership for the growing organization.  “Dr. Alford’s experience and business acumen are a great asset to the FBBC,” said David C. Johnston, Chairman/Executive Director.  “We are honored to have him assist us with achieving our goal of both protecting and improving the business climate in Fort Bend to insure a healthy and prosperous economy.”

The FBBC supports candidates regardless of their political affiliation who support businesses helping create a strong, vibrant local economy.  “Our community is only as strong as our businesses – our businesses who are the ones we count on to not only take care of our daily needs, but are the first ones we call on when we need help,” said Dr. Alford.  “As a physician, our practice experienced this firsthand during the recent pandemic.  It’s vital that we elect officials who understand the value of community businesses and serve as our advocate, because an advocate for business is an advocate for community.”

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