“For the Kids We Love” Autism Awareness Luncheon on February 14th

Mary and Tom Solcher enjoying pre-Valentine’s baking fun with the Montgomery triplets, Lauren, Londyn and Lakin, the inspiration of Hope For Three.

Valentine’s Day, a day where “love is in the air,” goes into overdrive for both the young and seasoned at heart. However, on February 14th, during the annual Hope For Three Luncheon at Safari Texas Ranch, autism advocates, caregivers and so many who champion the organization’s cause will celebrate the heart of the matter that connects them and the kids they all love. The mid-day gathering, presented by Mary and Tom Solcher, will be held in the Magnolia Room from 11 am to 1 pm. KPRC Channel 2 Meterologist Britta Merwin will serve as guest speaker.

Just like many champions of causes, the connection is often the journey, or the witnessing of someone’s journey, that makes one aware, accept and take action. Mary and Tom Solchers’ relationship with Hope For Three began through their friendship with several friends who are on the autism journey, including The Montgomery Family; the inspiration of Hope For Three.

“Initially, it was the outside looking in approach to autism,” said Mary Solcher. “We knew several of our friends were living with autism and things were different than the everyday challenges of raising children, but we had no idea of what the day-to-day reality was for them. Autism is “on the job training” without a lot of help or peer support which often makes it difficult for caregivers to ask for help. I encourage everyone to assist in whatever capacity, possible. The simple act of kindness can be the difference – for that day or at that moment. Be flexible and available.”

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States affecting 1 in 59 children and 1 in 45 school-age children. More than 5,000 children diagnosed on the autism spectrum are enrolled in Fort Bend County public schools.   

“Many of us, including myself, staff, board members, volunteers, the Solchers and others have a similar story of autism family, friendship, awareness, acceptance and action,” said Darla Farmer, Hope For Three Founder and Executive Director. “At the heart of matter is our mission of providing help and creating hope. We do so, “For the Kids We Love,” by advocating and connecting as many of the puzzle pieces of autism through awareness, resources and financial support. Together, with our volunteer and donor champions, we provide opportunities for those on the autism spectrum to thrive in the best life possible.”

Whether you are a current autism champion “For the Kids We Love”, know someone who is, or not sure how to be involved, Hope For Three invites you to attend the annual autism luncheon on February 14. Individual Tickets ($50) can be purchased online at www.hopeforthree.org/events. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities also available. For more information, call 281-245-0640.