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Quinn and David “Boompa” Wells.

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Each June we celebrate dear old Dad, and this year, Fort Bend Focus asked readers to tell us about the special Dads and Grandads in their lives.  We loved hearing about your fabulous fathers, and we share you stories in our special Focus on Fathers feature.  Best of all, one lucky Dad won the Dad’s Day Prize Package Fit for a King!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their Dads for this very special issue and to our prize sponsors who helped make one Dad feel extra special. Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dads!


David Wells

Special Grandad David “Boompa” Wells was nominated by his wife, Nancy Wells.

Grandchildren Elise Smith, Ava Shapiro and
Larson Smith with David “Boompa” Wells.

“I am nominating my husband as the special granddad.  He is called “Boompa” by my older grandchild, who at a young age, could not say grandpa. “Boompa” is engaged with all of his nine grandkids and knows all of their activities and interests.  He always takes time to mentor and love, spending each summer all together in a cabin in Colorado! He is the role model for grandpas!” – Nancy Wells

How many grandchildren does

“Boompa” have? Nine.

David “Boompa” Wells resides in Rosenberg.

Houston Jow

Houston Jow with daughter Sharon Cheang.

Special Dad Houston Jow was nominated by his daughter, Sharon Cheang.

“My dad is special to me, because he has always been present in my life.  I can count on him to share my good times and my bad times.  He has a very quiet personality and does not say much, but his actions speak louder than his words.  He may not say he loves me with his words, but he shows me he cares for me through his acts of service.  He is quick to offer me a helping hand or to provide for me like giving me vegetables from his garden.  He always put my needs before his own, and that is what makes my dad so special to me.” – Sharon Cheang

How many children/grandchildren does

Dad/Grandad have?

Three children and four grandchildren.

Houston Jow resides in Houston.

James Baker

James Baker.

Special Dad James Baker was nominated by his son, Mike Baker.

“After our mom died as kids, me at 13, my dad raised the four Baker Boys while making sure to continue to work as a lawyer/ statesman. He could have given up but he did not thanks to the good Lord. He is 92 today and still giving father advice, but my opinion is all dads deserve this award, God bless us dads.” – Mike Baker

How many children/grandchildren does

Dad/Grandad have?

Eight children, 17 grandchildren and three great-grandkids.

James Baker resides in Houston.

Naushad Kermally

Aaron, Narmin, Naushad, Adam and Arianna Kermally.

Special Dad Naushad Kermally was nominated by his son, Adam Kermally, and his daughter, Arianna Kermally.

“My dad is special because he is always finding ways to put others before himself. As a father, he is always thinking about us and provides us with anything and everything we want in order to make us happy. In the community, he is always the first person in line to offer assistance or support where it is needed. He is selfless and a true role model to me and many that surround him. He can light up a room with his energy and never says no to anyone who needs him. No matter his schedule, he always finds time for his family and friends, and supports us in anything we set our minds to. He is the best father one could ask for, and the best person to have around in life.” – Adam Kermally

“The reason that my dad is the best dad is because he will always go above and beyond to make his kids and wife happy. He makes sure to keep us all in check, as well as make sure we have everything we need to succeed. I know when he’s around, I don’t have to worry about a thing, and that’s what makes having him around so special. He’s so kind, generous, big hearted to anyone and everyone he meets and is someone that everyone should take the time to get to know because you won’t regret it. He definitely holds a special place in so many peoples’ hearts, and we are so lucky to have him!” – Arianna Kermally

How many children does Dad have?


Naushad Kermally resides in Sugar Land.

Michael Allen

Mike Allen.

Special Dad Michael “Papa” Allen was nominated by his daughter Kellie Schneider on behalf of her siblings.

“Michael (Mike) Allen is the epitome of an amazing role model – a father, father-in-law, grandfather, great-grandfather, husband and “father figure” in several lives over the years. And, during the past few years at age 82 years-old, he has had to step into a role of full-time caregiver to his wife, as she struggles with multiple health conditions. He rarely, if ever, complains, and when he does so, it is with a “sense of humor” and grace. Mike and Dianne celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 17th, 2022. Mike represents what it means to be committed to family as he continues to care for our mother.

Dianne and Mike Allen.

Mike’s family, friends, and especially his grandkids and great grandkids are honored to witness Papa Allen as a role model in their lives. He is kind, patient, forgiving and relies heavily on his faith and models this by his actions daily.” – Kellie Schneider on behalf of the Allen Siblings

How many children/grandchildren does Dad/Grandad have?

Four adult kids, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Michael “Papa” Allen resides in Richmond.

Oscar Sweet

Oscar Sweet

Special Dad Oscar Sweet was nominated by his daughter, Kelly Sweet Jensen.

“My dad survived Vietnam, literally by the seat of his pants. Fate? Luck? The friend, soldier laying next to him in the bunker died. Dad was seriously wounded, shrapnel in his bum, back and shoulder. He lived. He went on to have four daughters!  Still married to my mama, 54 years this year. 

Oscar Sweet and daughter
Kelley Sweet Jensen.

The Loretta Lynn song “They Don’t Make Em’ Like My Daddy, Anymore” describes my dad well. “…not one to make no big impression but one heck of a man who worked for what he got. In a great big land of freedom at a time we really need ‘em, they don’t make ‘em like my daddy anymore.” Dad believes in hard work, family first and he loves his grandbabies!” – Kelly Sweet Jensen

How many children/grandchildren does Dad/Grandad have?

Four daughters and ten grandbabies.

Oscar Sweet resides in Houston.