First Class Vocal Training with the Fort Bend Boys Choir – Call for an Audition!

The Emmy-nominated Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas is holding auditions by appointment now and throughout the summer months for their upcoming 2023-2024 performance season starting August 2023. Their unique vocal music education program for boys is designed for the unchanged voice. Besides a love of music and singing, boys should be at least eight years of age this fall or going into the third grade. Boys all over the Houston area, not just Fort Bend, can audition.  This 41-year old organization is looking for potential of accomplishment, not level of accomplishment so no prior experience is necessary.

Boys CAN sing, and they have been, successfully, at the Fort Bend Boys Choir, even through the COVID-19 pandemic.  While the crisis has passed, the organization continues to maintain certain safety protocols to ensure good health, including regular hand sanitizing, three feet of distance between each choirboy, large, ventilated rehearsal rooms and the option of wearing a mask, based on comfort level. (Yes, boys can still sing while wearing a mask.)

According to a 2009 Chorus Impact Study conducted by Chorus America, individuals who sing with a chorus develop qualities that can lead to a successful life. For young choirboys in the Fort Bend Boys Choir, this translates into greater academic success and a sense of community. Singing in this organization fosters a sense of belonging for boys as well as enhanced social skills and poise.  Of course, the teamwork in choir is highly developed because there are no benchwarmers, unlike sports. You cannot put in a substitute for a tired or sick choirboy as each chorister is an integral part of the group. Other benefits of choir participation for young boys include increased self-confidence and self-discipline, better time management skills, a boost in memory skills, building of new friendships and good citizenship.

Auditions are ongoing so if you know of a boy who will be at least eight years of age or in the third grade with an unchanged voice for the fall 2023 semester, he is eligible to audition for the Fort Bend Boys Choir’s 42nd performance season. Visit the choir’s audition page at and fill out an online form to request an audition or call (281) 240-3800 for more information.  Also inquire about the organization’s Music Magic program for six and seven year old boys. Join the Fort Bend Boys Choir and make a difference in a young boy’s life – call for an audition!