Finding Gratitude and Resources During a Pandemic

Arthur Pitman, age two, plays relentlessly with bubbles. Unlike hard-to-operate toys that may require an adult to help, he can master the art of blowing bubbles, which encourages interaction, and they’re fun! Photo by Sarah Pitman.

Learning how to navigate being a single twin mom, working a full-time job, and managing a child with special needs wasn’t what Sarah Pitman had in mind when the pandemic hit in 2020. However, working from home had a silver lining. She spent more time with her children and recognized the signs of autism spectrum disorder in her son, Arthur, through his mannerisms and milestone delays. Early recognition is vital to receive needed therapies and services to lead to successful life outcomes.

With the good comes a challenge too. As a single mother of twins, Pitman was financially strapped and didn’t have the funding needed for therapies to help her son. Following a challenging battle to find childcare where Arthur was not rejected, or denied his needed care, Pitman searched for help. After several attempts, Pitman finally found a program that was a fit, but it came with a significant price tag she could not afford.

That’s when she discovered the assistance Hope For Three provides for families with children on the autism spectrum. Pitman received a family assistance award to cover early intervention therapy known as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). ABA therapy gave Arthur the support to attend school successfully.

Hope For Three is the only Fort Bend County autism-focused nonprofit that provides financial assistance to county residents year-round. These funds help children receive therapy, specialized schooling or classes and crucial medical treatments during their autism journey. The local nonprofit and advocacy organization also offers customized programs, resources and referrals to support families with children living with an autism spectrum disorder.

“Words cannot adequately express how much this funding means to me,” said Pitman. “More importantly, my son can now continue the services that will afford him the best chance of catching up with his peers and being successful in the world. For this, I am eternally grateful.”

Arthur responds positively to his therapies and schooling and loves being outdoors, running, climbing and blowing bubbles with his twin sister, Elise.

Since its inception, Hope For Three has awarded over $1,250,000 in financial aid to families, provided 6,000 resources and referrals to inquiring parties, and trained over 2,250 law enforcement members on the characteristics of autism.

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