“Feed Fort Bend” Block Party Benefiting East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry

On Saturday November 11th, Sweetwater Christian Church will host a fundraiser titled “Feed Fort Bend.” East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry (EFBHNM) is partnering with Sweetwater Christian Church in this event, along with many other churches, non-profits, and organizations. EFBHNM serves needy families and individuals in the Fort Bend area providing food, toiletries, and necessities to those in need. The ministry’s support is often what keeps these households from sliding into homelessness.

Hurricane Harvey had a devastating impact on the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, and EFBHNM did their part in the relief and recovery effort emptying their stores and reserves helping those in need. Unfortunately, many of those items would normally be distributed throughout the year, and those who depend on the ministry to keep their heads above the water are now in danger of drowning. This is why Sweetwater Christian Church is going to help “Feed Fort Bend.”

On Saturday November 11th from 2 to 6 pm, Sweetwater Christian Church is hosting “Feed Fort Bend” at the church property, located at 4141 Sweetwater Blvd. in Sugar Land.  Plans include live music featuring rock bands and performances from local schools. There will be attractions for kids, exhibitor booths from local businesses and nonprofit organizations, and food and beverages. The event is free to the public.  Hot dogs, concessions and beverages, along with donations and sponsorships, will be sold to raise money for the EFBHNM. The funds will immediately be given to EFBHNM to “Feed Fort Bend.”

Organizations can help in many ways: financial sponsorship, donating or underwriting entertainment attractions and marketing/advertising are just a few examples.  All funds collected at the event will be donated to the EFBHNM.  Sweetwater Christian Church is seeking sponsors to help share the event cost.

In addition to financial support, invaluable ways to contribute include sharing the event information with employees internally, emailing out an announcement and invitation to your email subscriber list and using your platform on social media.

Contact Jacob Millwee, event organizer, or Mike Skinner, Pastor of Sweetwater Christian Church, for more information, at 832-999-4080 or mike@sweetwaterchristian.org.