FBISD’s Rollout of SMART Interactive Panels Now in Full Swing, Providing Students with Game-Changing Classroom Technology

Fort Bend ISD (FBISD) is happy to report that it has delivered 1,400 SMART Interactive Panels to classrooms, with another 1,122 to be delivered in the coming weeks. The panels have been delivered to all high school classrooms. By the end of March, they will be in middle school classrooms and by the end of May, they will be in elementary school classrooms.

The 26.6 million project was funded by the November 2018 bond. Those voter-approved funds covered the full cost, and all required software was included in the purchase.

Delivery of the panels was hampered by the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and ultimately, the interruptions to in-person learning, shortages of electronic components, and disruptions to the supply chain. The district was finally able to begin deliveries to classrooms this past September and is pleased that the rollout of the panels is now in full swing.

The panels can be seen clearly from any angle in the classroom, unlike old equipment like projectors and pull-down screens. They are touchscreen operated, providing more student engagement, active participation and increased collaboration with teachers and classmates. Use of the panels has been shown to improve student success rates. With the panels, students become part of the lesson and acquire enough proficiency and confidence to sometimes teach each other. The SMART panels are also mobile, allowing flexibility for teachers to re-arrange their classrooms.

FBISD is excited about having this game-changing technology that provides the kind of state-of-the-art learning tools our children deserve.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kutRVwNTnnE