Dr. Betty Baitland Named Child Advocate of the Year

CAFB Board President Nancy Olson, Dr. Betty Baitland and CASA Program Director Metoyer Martin.

Dr. Betty Baitland was recently honored as the Child Advocate of the Year for 2021 at Child Advocates of Fort Bend’s Volunteer Celebration at Sugar Creek Country Club. More than 220 volunteers, community partners and staff attended.

“This advocate has gone above and beyond, and her actions will have a long-lasting impact for the children we serve and for our community,” said Child Advocates of Fort Bend Chief Executive Officer Ruthanne Mefford. “Betty has a lifelong passion for children and has dedicated her career to advancing education opportunities and achievement for children and youth across Fort Bend County.

“Betty served as our Board Parliamentarian for five years, Vice President in 2019, President in 2020 and Past President for two terms, first in 2021 and then when we invited her back to serve this year for a second term as Past President,” continued Mefford. “She was an inaugural member of our Voices for Children sustainable giving program and our Education Council where her vast experience and understanding of resources available to children has informed our educational advocacy for children in foster care. She is someone we seek out for advice and to discuss new programming, strategy and fundraising ideas. Betty is a true gem, and we honor her for her passion for CAFB, dedication to the children and her incredible generosity.”

To see a list of all of the honorees or to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Child Advocates of Fort Bend, go to https://www.cafb.org/events/volunteer-banquet/.