Dhanani Private Equity Group Celebrates Corporate Headquarters Opening with $7 Million Distribution Event

Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) Chief Executive Officer and founder Nadyrshah “Nick” Dhanani, along with his family and Team Dhanani, cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening Celebration at DPEG’s new corporate headquarters in Stafford.

Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) hosted a grand celebration on April 29th, 2023 at their new corporate office at The Fountains on the Lake Shopping Center in Stafford. The event served as a dual purpose for Team DPEG: The Grand Opening of their new corporate headquarters and the first quarterly distribution of 2023 in the amount of $7,316,500 to over 400 of their investor partners.

Ali Wadhwani, Stafford Mayor Cecil Willis, Nick Dhanani and Nikhil Dhanani on the basketball court in DPEG’s new corporate headquarters.

The venue for the festivities held special significance beyond being just DPEG’s new headquarters. The Fountains on the Lake Shopping Center is one of DPEG’s trophy acquisitions, the largest in the company’s history, with a $91 million purchase price with 218 unique investor partners involved. With this project, DPEG promised a cash-on-cash distribution and physical 10% payout to their investors every year, leaving 3% for special distribution, which they have successfully delivered for the last five quarters. The event brought out many of these investor partners as DPEG provided distributions for multiple projects. Stafford Mayor Cecil Willis was also present to commemorate the occasion.

DPEG’s Ahsan Daredia with Nadir and Karim Noorani and Salima Gilani, ACNP.

The most notable distribution from the event was DPEG’s recent acquisition of 90+ acres of land in Imperial Sugar Land. Within a short period of only three months, DPEG proudly reported that they successfully returned 20% of their investors’ capital.

“We have an exciting vision for our investor community,” said DPEG Chief Executive Officer and founder Nadyrshah “Nick” Dhanani. “We are committed to organizing distribution events every quarter where we can bring our valued investors together for a meet-and-greet lunch. Our previous event took place at Galleria Park, our newly acquired asset, and it was a tremendous success. We look forward to hosting many more of these events in the future creating meaningful connections and fostering a strong sense of partnership with our investors.”

Missouri City Council Member Anthony Maroulis with
Nick Dhanani and Nikhil Dhanani.

DPEG closed the year 2022 with a billion dollars in transactions and assets under management, and their goal for 2023 is another $500 million. The first quarter of 2023 so far has yielded their highest success in a quarter to date. And though DPEG has recently settled into their new office, expansion is top of mind with the family run firm with DPEG Construction and DPEG Insurance growing rapidly since their launch in December 2022.

For more information about Dhanani Private Equity Group and their upcoming projects, visit dhananipeg.com/contact-us/ or call 281.561.5135.