Christmas 2021: Coming in Hot

Moose or moola? You get what you get at this year’s Grab Bag Kaminski Christmas.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

The first-week post-Thanksgiving catapults us right into Christmas. I know this. I have a calendar. The number of days each year does not change. Well, except for leap year, and that’s only a one-day difference every four years. So, why do I feel like I’m on the receiving end of a full-on NFL defensive blitz this year regarding Christmas?

I closed my eyes Thanksgiving eve, with a barely digested the turkey dinner, and then, boom! I woke up to Christmas coming in hot. The first five days on the December calendar suddenly showed events that we were either invited to or committed to. Yes, five days in a row, just like that. And then, I began receiving the “wish lists.” Now I must confess that in previous years, I have appreciated “wish lists.” It takes a lot of guessing and wasted efforts out of the equation, and I’m all for efficiency. Plus, I simply refuse to stand in the return lines after Christmas. But this year is a bit different. Apparently, my people do not understand the supply chain issues right now, nor do they understand that the most sought-after goods are nestled snuggly away on ships – in the ocean. Frankly, I am not buoyant so the odds of me swimming to shop are slim and none.

I’m a working girl – just let that go – so my weekdays are booked trying to make a living. That leaves only the weekends to prep for the holy holiday, and there are only three in December. Friday nights don’t work for me because I’m usually exhausted by the end of the week, plus I have holiday happenings on two of the three Friday nights in December, and I’m not a girl to miss a bash for simply shopping. Priorities, you see. My Sundays are toast because I have events every Saturday in December, so I will clearly need the Sundays for recovery. That leaves essentially two days for me to prepare for Christmas this year. Now I’m good in a pinch, but am I really that good? Better yet, do I really want to be that good?

I’ve decided the grab bag route is the way to go this year. Y’all remember grab bags? A bunch of bags filled with unknown treasures. You simply pick one and surprise! You may get a diamond or you may get a dud – depends on which one you pick. I think I’ll just wrap a bunch of boxes, put them under the tree sans nametags, and let everyone pick a couple. You might get a cup or you might get cash – depends on the box you choose. That will certainly cut down on my holiday ho hums, and after all, Christmas is all about giving. So, my giving will truly be a Christmas surprise – for everyone – including me because y’all know I won’t remember what I wrap up.

Ho, ho, hugs! See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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