Carolina Sievers Named Stafford MSD Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year Carolina Sievers and Heather Warnock of Group 1 Automotive.

Teacher of the Year Carolina Sievers and Heather Warnock of Group 1 Automotive.

The Stafford Municipal School District (MSD) recently announced Stafford Elementary School fourth grade teacher Carolina Sievers as the 2015-16 Stafford Municipal School District Teacher of the Year.

Thanks to a partnership between Stafford MSD and Group 1 Automotive, Sievers will have a free lease on a Cadillac of her choice from David Taylor Cadillac for the summer. At the end of the summer, she will have the option of continuing the lease or purchasing it.

Sievers is a bilingual math, science and technology teacher who has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Sievers said she is honored to be this year’s District Teacher of the Year. She was also selected as the 2015-16 Stafford Elementary School Teacher of the Year. “I can truly say that I am where I belong,” Sievers said. “I enjoy teaching math, but it’s not just about the academics. It’s helping my bilingual kids in so many other ways. I understand where they are coming from.”

Sievers is a proud member of the Texas Association of Bilingual Educators and the Stafford Elementary Fourth Grade Math Team leader. The daughter of two educators, Sievers grew up in Merida, Venezuela and taught at two Houston area community colleges before deciding to become an elementary school teacher.

“I’ve always been passionate about math,” Sievers said. “I have a positive environment in my classroom and develop a personal relationship with each student. It starts with greeting each one at the door by name. I let each student know that I believe he or she is capable of learning, obtaining good grades, moving on to the next grade, graduating from high school and going to college, if they so wish.

“They can use reasoning skills for life. Once they understand, they have more questions and want to learn more. This makes them inquisitive and lifelong learners.”