August 2019 – Exclamation Points!

Back to School – Already?

Kolton and Patti Kaminski.

It’s that time of year again – back to school. I confess that when my children were younger, I enjoyed this time of the year, but now with my babies in college, I absolutely dread it. I get used to them being around during the summer months, and when they leave to resume their college life, I definitely feel a void. I’ve had my baby boy home all summer, and I have truly loved every minute of it! I will need to put tissues on my back to school shopping list for sure!

Getting ready to go back to school has changed in our house. It’s less about school supply shopping and more about moving into a new dorm or apartment. While exciting, I do miss the new shoe shopping, backpack buying and that endless list of school supplies. If you are in the back to school phase with your babies, this issue is sure to help. We have an entire back to school section filled with resources, a story about the upcoming tax-free weekend and best of all, the Fort Bend high school football schedule! Good luck to all of our high school athletes on the new season!

Intern and Editorial Assistant Emma Watson is leaving afm this summer as she begins her college journey at The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ‘em Emma! We’ll miss you!

Speaking of athletes, before the sports season gets into full swing, remember to get those physicals for your school athletes. Our Medical Focus showcases many Fort Bend medical professionals to help get your player ready for the big season.

As my children grew, I always put “love” notes in their lunch boxes on the first day of school – a note of encouragement and hopefully, words of wisdom. As they got older, I put these notes on their steering wheels as lunch boxes were no longer in play. Now, as college students, I text and remind them to send that precious first day of school photo that I still want, even though they are both over 20 years-old!  The message this year as Kassidi begins graduate school and Kolton begins his sophomore year at The University of Texas? Playwright Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Good luck to all of our students this year!

Stay focused!