August 2018 – Exclamation Points!

Grown and Flown –

Patti, Kolton and Kassidi Kaminski at Kolton’s high school graduation.

This August I am replacing the phrase back-to-school with one that more appropriately defines what is happening in my life this month: grown and flown. Instead of the routine back-to-school shopping for binders, backpacks and uniforms, this year it’s dorm and apartment supplies for both of my babies who are – yes, you guessed it – grown and flown.

I’ve been asked for months now if I’m looking forward to being an “empty nester.”  I repeatedly and very quickly reply, “no.”  I’m not fond of the words or the concept, so for the coming months, I’m going with grown and flown. The word “empty” has such a negative connotation.  I’m far from empty, and I love the fact that my babies are grown and can fly.  Of course, I am making certain that their “flying” includes round trip tickets home.

Speaking of tickets, the lineup for the 2018 Fort Bend County Fair has some great performers.  This year’s Fair will be one of the best tickets in town, so enjoy!

Another great ticket to enjoy is investing not only in entertainment but in yourself.  In this month’s cover story, Renew Laser & Skin share some great ways to invest in yourself to keep you both healthy and beautiful.

I fear the silence in my home will be deafening over the next few months, so if you need back-to-school help with your little ones finding that yellow binder that the science teacher wants your baby to have or that pair of extra special tennis shoes that will absolutely make or break the new school year, let me know.  I know I’ll survive the grown and flown stage.  After all, if my mother survived dealing with me as a child of the 80s – which I assure you was worse –  I can absolutely get through my babies being grown and flown!

Happy back-to-school Fort Bend moms!

Stay focused!