Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists

Adults, children and seniors choose Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists for personal, quality care. With multiple board certifications in foot surgery, Dr. Y. Bryan Lee uses the most current techniques to reduce downtime and heal with minimal scarring.

Heel pain is the most common complaint from Dr. Lee’s patients. It impacts their ability to exercise and sometimes can cause so much discomfort that they are unable to get out of bed. Treatment for heel pain ranges from simple stretching techniques to surgery. Custom orthotics, physical therapy, injections and medication can also help.

For those who have tried everything short of surgery, a new treatment called shockwave therapy (EPAT) may be the answer. It is applied in the office using special equipment, is painless and does not involve downtime or anesthesia. Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists has the only shockwave therapy unit in Sugar Land. It has a high success rate, and patients have been thrilled to avoid surgery.

With two convenient locations, Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists gets patients back on their feet! For more information, call 281-242-FEET (3338) or visit