A Bundle of Joy – or Two

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

The “Twin-Rexes” final OB appointment with Patti, Dr. Deanna McDonald, Jingle Tree Co-Chair Stacy Borgfeldt and dino-mite Susie Goff. We’re just days away from tiny T-rexes!

I was quite certain my days of going to the OB for prenatal check ups were over, but a week or so ago, I found myself right back there at Dr. McDonald’s office listening for the heartbeat of an unborn baby – times two!

Praise the Lord it’s not me birthing the twins – it’s Susie Goff, who I am certain felt the exact same sentiment as I did about obstetric opportunities at our ripe, young, tender ages.  Now before Mr. Kaminski and Mr. Goff require their own medical attention, let me delve into the specifics of our medical mystery.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Kaminski and I, “Tree-Rex,” the amazing homage to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land’s T-rex mascot, actually identifies as she/her.  Now I’m not one to judge on all this gender business.  I’m a firm believer that situation is between you and the Lord.  But here’s the thing about “Tree-Rex.”  When Mr. Kaminski and I purchased the dino-mite Christmas tree creation in all her glory, we immediately decided that she/her should live at the museum so that each holiday season, children could enjoy this majestic, magical masterpiece.  Susie, of course, created she/her in glitzy Goff fashion, and we have all witnessed children literally squeal with delight when they see her sparkle and shine.

Tim and Patti Kaminski and Susie and Doug Goff with “Tree-Rex” at her forever home – before we knew he was a she.

What we didn’t realize last year when we gifted “Tree-Rex” to her permanent home was that “he” was really a “she.”  In our defense, dino parts are difficult to discern.  So, imagine our surprise in May when under “Tree-Rex” two dinosaur eggs appeared!  Of course, Sus and I immediately called on the best obstetricians in the Bend – Dr. Deanna McDonald and Dr. Niraj Patel – to check on the miraculous medical mystery, and they confirmed not one but two healthy tiny T-rexes in the making.

Now we’re not certain how of the this and that of the baby-making process, but we know one thing for sure:  The twins will arrive in the next few days just in time for the tenth anniversary of the museum’s annual Jingle Tree!

New life is a blessed event, especially during the holiday season. Make plans to attend Jingle Tree at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land November 10th thru 16th so you can see the “Twin-Rexes.”  I’m sure they will be a sight to behold, and where else do you get to see tiny T-rexes all decked out for the holidays?  Only in Sugar Land.  Go to https://sugarland.hmns.org/visit/events/jingle-tree/ to get Jingle Tree tickets, and don’t worry about bringing a baby gift.  Susie and I have got that covered.  See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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