7 Tips for a Fast, Easy Move

Take the stress out of move-in day with this list of best practices from Bill Powers.

1. Protect delicate plants from damage by making funnel-shaped cardboard protectors.

2.  Make sure all of the rooms are clean before placing furniture into them.

3. Before moving furniture into a room, decide how you want it arranged.

4. To prevent items from being misplaced, draw up a floor plan of the house and label each of the rooms on the plan.

5.  To keep helpers from tracking in dirt during their many trips into the home, lay down packing blankets
or drop cloths over carpeting or floors.

6.  When moving a large or heavy piece of furniture upstairs, lay it on its back on the stairs. Have two people underneath push it and one person above to steady it.

7.  Air rooms out by opening all of the windows.

Source: www.hgtv.com