5 Rules for the Labor-Less Weekend

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

My second labor of love, Kolton, only two days old.

After giving birth to two babies, I am thoroughly convinced that Labor Day is akin to Mother’s Day, another celebration of motherhood, hence the word “labor.” You see, not only is getting the baby here the very definition of labor, the act of actually being a mother is dang laborious. Motherhood involves great exertion, hard work and it’s endless. My babies are in their mid-twenties, and so far, this mother gig has not let up. So, it makes perfect sense to me to celebrate the one job that is 24/7, 365 on Labor Day. I can sell it and have for years in the Kaminski household.

It’s the main reason we traditionally celebrate the three-day appreciation fest to yours truly with a little holiday jaunt, or at least that’s what I choose to believe, because we always go somewhere Momma wants to go. Labor, remember?

Dee Dee and I hiding out at the spa on Labor Day – best times ever!

For many years it was a fun-filled holiday at either the Hyatt Hill Country Resort or the Hyatt Lost Pines with Dee Dee and fam in tow. Dee Dee and I would hide out at the spa for a day, float the lazy river with libation in hand and let the children run amuck. Mr. Kaminski would always get up early and stake out our favorite spot on the sandy shore lest some unfortunate souls should try to trespass on our claim. We would eat too much, drink too much and solve each other’s problems. It was truly R and R at its finest.

Now I’m not knocking the origins of Labor Day that started back in 1882 to pay homage to the contributions of American workers. I’m just recognizing that without the mommas, there would be no workers to achieve or recognize, so I’m just boiling it down to basics. I appreciate all that our labor force has done to make our country great, and I know that behind every amazing individual, they had some help along the way. More often than not, I’ve learned it that was a female, be it a momma, grandmother, auntie or neighbor.

So, as we celebrate this Labor Day, here are cardinal rules for the hefty holiday or 5 Rules for the Labor-Less Weekend:

  1. Celebrate Momma: See above.
  2. If You Want It, Eat It – and Drink It: The first three letters in the word diet are D I E. You have the entire fall to be miserable and thin. Eat the dang hot dog and the ice cream – and drink all the margs you can remember.
  3. Wear White: This is your last opportunity, especially in the South. Regardless of what anyone says, put those white jeans away after this weekend. You will be discussed if you wear them next week.
  4. Bye, Bye Summer: Summer is toast. This is your last opportunity to be frivolous and fun. Carpe diem!
  5. Join Up: Since this weekend is all about unions, Professional Porch Sitters Union 281 needs you! Join us @OnThePorchwithPatti. We share, we sip, and we spill a little tea now and then!

See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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