2019 Lexus UX

absolutely! AUTO REVIEW | By Steve Kursar –

The all-new 2019 Lexus UX is the latest addition to their already extensive luxury lineup.  It’s a compact SUV designed to attract buyers looking to get into their first luxury vehicle, and its design will definitely attract younger buyers who want a Lexus that’s cooler and hipper than those you’ll spot in the school carpool lane.

According to the car’s chief engineer, the vehicle’s name is derived to describe the vehicle’s mission: Urban + X-over (crossover) = UX.  It’s a Lexus created to bring into the brand those twenty somethings that used to be attracted the IS sedan but now want to join the SUV crowd.  Once car buyers purchase their first luxury vehicle, they usually remain luxury buyers. This makes the smaller, affordable UX important in introducing “rookie” luxury buyers to Lexus.

With a starting MSRP of just $32,000, the Lexus UX 200 is a lot of luxury packed in a small package.  The front-wheel drive base model is powered by a 169 hp, 2.0 liter inline four-cylinder engine that mated to a new ten-speed Direct-Shift Continuously Variable Transmission (DCVT) delivers EPA estimated fuel economy numbers of 29 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

For an extra $2,000, buyers can opt for the Hybrid version UX 250h All Wheel Drive trim that uses the same 2.0 liter engine but produces 181 hp thanks to two electric motor/generators in a new-generation hybrid transaxle that is more compact, lighter and has less internal friction than previous Lexus hybrid systems. The UX 250h is the most fuel efficient crossover in the American market. Of course, there’s also an F-Sport trim for those buyers who want a little extra flash in their UX.

The UX sits a little lower than most SUVs, which allows it to be a bit more nimble on the highway.  The sporty exterior design is aggressive without being polarizing.  The interior is cozy with a backseat and cargo space not suitable for a growing family.  The fit and finish is impeccable, the ride is quiet but the interior is designed to appeal especially to younger customers with an uncluttered “less is more” approach.

If you’re itching to get into your first luxury car, the Lexus showroom should always be one of our first stops. The 2019 UX was designed from the ground up to entice buyers into the Lexus brand with a very affordable crossover.