2016 Nissan Titan XD

300-titanabsolutely! AUTO REVIEW |  By Steve Kursar –

The all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD pickup is the reigning Truck of Texas as voted on by the Texas Auto Writers Association. This truck is designed for the owner who needs something more capable than a light duty pickup but does not want to move up to a big, heavy duty truck. Nissan may have just created their own segment with this completely redesigned Titan. It is definitely a break from the ordinary.

Nissan introduced their first Titan back in 2003, but it never really caught on with truck buyers. And to make things worse, Nissan never upgraded their pickup after its introduction. The truck market, for both light and heavy duty models, is highly profitable for the automakers and extremely competitive. Each manufacturer fights for market share through innovation, and the truck buyers are the winners. So, Nissan knew that they had to bring their “A” game with the new Titan XD.

There are two engine choices with the 2016 Titan XD. With an MSRP of $35,290, the base standard engine is a 390 hp 5.6 liter V8 gasoline engine mated to a new seven speed automatic transmission and rated at 401 lb-ft of torque. For an extra $5,000, opt for the new 310 hp, Cummins 5.0 liter Turbo Diesel that delivers a whopping 555 ft-lb of torque. The diesel engine has a new six-speed automatic transmission. Both engines are highly capable, designed for towing serious loads and for going off-road.

The interior features as standard Nissan’s NASA inspired super-comfortable Zero Gravity seats that make long trips a breeze. There is very little outside noise due to laminated glass and special body sealing. The dash features a seven-inch screen that controls the 12 speaker Rockford Fosgate audio system.

An innovative option is the dual, lockable Titan Box storage boxes that fit in the truck bed and are not visible at street level. They can hold a variety of equipment and are watertight. They are also drainable, so they can be filled with ice and used as coolers.  And if you need more room in the bed, they can easily be removed.

Nissan likes to say they have created a whole “new class” of pickups with the introduction of the 2016 Titan XD. A lot of buyers are going to be drawn to its heavy duty capabilities coupled with a feel and the price of a light duty truck.

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