May 2016 – Exclamation Points!


Patti and Tim Kaminski at the Literacy Council of Fort Bend’s Reading Between the Wines.

The Dog Days of Summer

Well, it has finally happened.  Bob Brown and I bought a dog. What perplexes me is that I know the drill. I’ve been to numerous fundraising events over the years when Bob “bought” dogs in auctions. I’ve even written about his notoriety for and love of “purchasing” the four-legged creatures all to benefit our community. I’ve discussed with both him and Commissioner James Patterson how many times over the years he has purchased dogs on behalf of charity and how virtually none of these animals ever go home to the Brown abode. For the record, we think it’s upwards of 60 times by now.

Bella and Momma.

Bella and Momma.

So how in the world we ended up with Corsage – now renamed Bella by the children at the Gingerbread Kids’ Academy – at Boogie is beyond me. I will say, however, Tim had more to do with it than I did. And, as much as I hate to admit it, Bella is precious and needed a family. As a supporter of the Fort Bend Women’s Center, I am very proud of the partnership they forged with the City of Sugar Land’s Animal Services Petopia to provide animals like Bella with a loving home – all while supporting not one but two amazing organizations.  I congratulate both of these organizations for thinking outside of the box, and if you would like to learn more about Sugar Land Petopia, read about them on page 65.

Two of my favorite holidays happen during the month of May: Mother’s Day and my son’s birthday. Be sure to check out our absolutely! Mother’s Day section for some great ideas for mom. And a very happy birthday to my sweet Kolton who will be 17 this month. My how time flies!

I wish all of our Fort Bend moms a very Happy Mother’s Day! And Bob and Carole, Bella and I will be by next week to visit!

Stay focused!